Interview with “Albert Schwartz” (Ultrastretch)


Hello Albert, it’s a pleasure for us make this little chat with you. We have listened some of your works and we are very very curious to learn even more about you :)

– On your bio you talk about your love for RZA, Perlon, Kenny Dixon, Marvin Gaye and lot of Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop. What do you think is the best way to tribute this influence? How it influenced your production?
It’s all about atmosphere, i do music with picture in my head. It’s important that i feel the same atmosphere as the picture in my head. I was grown up with this music and i still love to listen. In my performance always try to go back to the old school, because i like this all! From the producing point of view i love Hip Hop just not the new, even thought i grow up listening Wu Tang Klan and ’70/’80 stuff, but i can’t really get into it!
I’m still in the search, i’m an absolute beginner. I’m doing this, taking it seriously since two/three years. Before than i was totally into HipHop, i was MC back in the days and  i’m still down with it! I was born in Ghana and Ghana is the land of drumming, if you are from Ghana you take a lot about rhythm with you. So my style is  bringing old stuff with new stuff together, but still trying to get the sound from the old, DIRTY BUT CLEAN!

– A debut with all the best intentions. You did the third release of the brilliant Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch and you received a restyle from a:rpia:r member Rhadoo.  How it happened?
First of all I would like to thanks Sammy, Rhadoo,  Jürgen V Krebs, Dustin Koe and Marlene Ochmann.
Some months ago i was home dreaming of playing with big guys and happened! I didn’t send no song to Sammy Dee. A small accident but happy one! A friend of mine played my song on a CD at CDV, after he played he lost the cd! Gregor’s brother finds it and gave it to Sammy. Sammy sad he loves and after he came to my city, in Düsseldorf, at the same place where i was playing. I was making a warm up for Sammy, I played before him. After i played he came and he think his song was this song, the BERRY DEEP song and i was shocked!! Where did he get this song? I was asking my self and why he played this song? I didn’t know.. Thats all!
I went to Sammy and i asked him: Why he had this song? He sad: It’s a CD he get from Greg brother. I was happy, we started laughing about it and he said that he really like it and he finally told me: Work on it and bring it to Ultrastretch!

– What can we expect from you in the future?
My future program is working a lot together with David, St. joseph (he released on Platzhirsh), from Koln. I’m working with him together and with some people in Düsseldorf. So this year i’m working on releasing some stuff that i did the whole past year and maybe i’m trying to get it on my own label, but at the moment it’s a dream! I’ve been working from the couch, that’s the thing! I don’t have a studio and i’m searching for  one, so i can pull more music! Yeah! To this point i also wanna keep on working with SAMMY and stay connected with sum new friends  that i found from the last months.

– In addition to productions, are you going to perform in live? You are also a deejay. What’s your vision about this kind of performance?
I would play live one day, maybe i would wait, try to get a crew together with David St. Joseph or some people to get live set, I would like to! I do sometimes a jam at home, It’s cool! I wish to do it in the future! In the last one/two years i put more focus on the production, that’s why i do not have some mixes out.  I play with vinyl..only vinyl! I like to play more dj than producing, but at the moment i’m focus on it.

– Feel free to talk more about you :)
I have some labels that i really like, my first is PERLON, all crew for me is the best! I also play a:rpia:r, Minibar, Assamble Music, Understand, i like pluie/noir, the guys from Portugal, really good guys. Here in Düsseldorf are sum people i really like Daze Maxim’s Hello?Repeat  and also some small label i like, but in the past two years I’ve been dealing mainly with the music I’ve been doing!! So i’m a little bit out of being in label, but this is my special!

Web: Soundcloud // Facebook

Interview with “Snuff Crew” (Snuff Trax)

Photo by Marie Staggat

(Snuff Trax)

Resident Advisor: Snuff Crew
Soundcloud: Snuff Crew
Facebook: Snuff Crew

We have chosen five words representing SnuffCrew. Do these worlds bring up positive thought in your music? What do these words mean for your professional experience?

The Snuff in our name simply means the kind of tobacco which
can refresh your nose. It´s called Snuff. Eins, one half of Snuff Crew, used
to take it at the time when the project was founded. So he had the idea
to name us Snuff Crew. Of course we have nothing to do with the so called Snuff movies.

Jacking is the wonderful way of moving your body and dancing like nobody´s watching.
It is a fullbody experience and it´s big fun to enjoy the music on the floor or
behind the decks in this excessive way . Fans of Minimal Techno probably never will know
how jacking really feels.

The sound of Chicago House from the 80s is our big influence. The music from this time and
also from the 2nd wave of Chicago House in the 90s always makes us happy and inspires us.
We are grateful that we could work with Chi-Town legends like Robert Owens, Tyree Cooper or Mr K`Alexi Shelby. Our cover version of the Farley Jackmaster Funk classic “Jack The Bass” which has been released on SCI+TEC is also another tribute of us to this city and its sound.

Even if we work with Macbooks and software on stage and in the studio – we also have some of the Roland machines and will also buy some more in the next years. They are simply magic.

Its a wonderful thing when people spend their time with dancing to great music and having a great and peaceful party in an amazing location.
Its always exciting for us to play our sound in new countries and clubs and to discover the local club culture.