[COMFORTABLE] Vibration White Finger – 6

vwfVibration White Finger – 6
Artists: Vibration White Finger
Country: //
Released: 2014


Produced/Executed by Vibration White Finger © 2014
released 22 February 2014
Mastered by E(A)R(M)U(F)F(S at JST


Xquisite podcast #6 – Umberto 320KB

xq320Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Xquisite podcast #6 – Umberto 320KB
Profile: Xquisite Records
Date: 19 Feb. 2013
Time: 00:56:31

Credits from OnceWasNow:
320KB is an online archive that is ritually updated every day featuring releases, both vinyl & mp3 or mix format that is considered relevant to the musical era in which we are living today.
Besides being the force behind 320KB, Umberto’s path is aligned with DJing through daily use of software and analog machines which not only assists in deepening his technical knowledge of music, but also improves his selection of records chosen to feature.
The selected music in this mix was put together for Xquisite which is a Lisbon based label producing only vinyl copies of underground electronic music.  Umberto’s mix is deliberately chosen from vinyl only, the goal is to create a compilation of timeless tracks which also includes new work that can be found in review at 320KB

[LEONE006] diferiT – Altceva LP

Artist & Title: diferiT – Altceva LP
Sept 2012
File, .mp3

1. Multul Putin
2. Prin Parti
3. Extremitati
4. Mai De Dans
5. Muzica Urbana
6. Floare De Cires
7. Si Mai De Dans
8. Visand

G Funk aka Cosmin Grigoriu, discovered his passion for music from an early age when he was guided by his parents to take piano and clarinet lessons in the School of Arts in Roman. At the age 14 , starts going to the local clubs. Seeing the resident DJs play music ,he quickly falls in love with this hobby getting to play frequently in some clubs where he goes regularly. At 15 he is invited to be resident at a new club opened in the city. This was the first step towards his rise. In the winter of 2010, he begins working on his own musical projects, signing an EP on the very first day of 2011 with 26 TeaDrops International in Russia. Seeing that his work is appreciated he tries harder and harder and manages to get different EPs on various labels under the name G Funk and KosmynG. In 2012 he start to produce under diferiT. The year of 2012 ,come with some gigs around the country,and with some new projects with Libe,Octave,Dubsons, and also start a collective named Trin Kollectiv with Lumieux and Ricu. His work are supported by Nastia , Kurmyshev,Razaar, Jay Bliss,Terje Bakke,Curl Menghi and many many people.

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[UQ-047] DJ Jus-Ed is 50ty and Lookin’ Good!

DJ Jus-Ed is 50ty and Lookin’ Good!
Artists: Dj Jus-Ed
Catalog#: UQ047
Format: CD Album, File
Country: US
Released: Sept 2012

Marylandjam dtp
The Favor
All I Want To Do (Part.2)
PJ-255 GV Room
Becky’s Jam (Part.2)
Techno Dance
All I Want To Do
GV 255 Lazy Boy
Project #14


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Ion Ludwig, Nightclubber Podcast 66

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Ion Ludwig, Nightclubber Podcast 66
Profile: nightclubber.ro
Date: 6 August 2012
Time: 1:00:51

20′ Mix #6 (Anonym Series)

Anonym Series are provocative actions to shed light into the darkest crevices of the big world of music.
The series born with 20′ Mix from around the world.
Musicians, djs, collectors and fanatics will select some shit for your ears.
Here the sixth release; listen, download,share and enjoy (contact 320KB for your cassette!)

[ALLINN13] Och – Roadmaster EP

Och ‎– Roadmaster EP

Label: All Inn Records
Catalog#: ALLINN13
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Romania
Released: 6 Jun 2012


A2. Tool 1

Fever Dub

Fever Dub 2

Credits: After Whalesong’s huge run on Trelik, OCH represents his new four tracker: “Roadmaster” on All Inn. Aside comes with “Roadmaster”, an almost nine minutes long flash on the time-travelling train, and before the road ends a voice tells us gently that we are close to the borders. On flipside the brotherhood of spacey tribalism and twisiting house-rollers is visualized by the parts of “Fever Dub’s”. Stunning package by the hands of the english wizard, OCH.

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[LEET004] Akiko Kiyama – Where Are My Shoes? EP

Akiko Kiyama ‎– Where Are My Shoes? EP
31337 Records
Catalog#: LEET004
Format: Vinyl, 12″ – 5X File, Mp3 EP
Country: Germany
Vinyl Released:  2nd May, 2012
Digital Released:  6th June, 2012

Anaesthesulf [7:12]

 We Are Tubes Inner Tubes (feat. Lisokot) [6:32]

 Gavotte II [7:57]

 Gavotte II (Bruno Pronsato Remix) [7:32]

5: Take Your Skeleton In The Closet (Digital Bonus) [7:02]

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Mastered By – Pheek
New black gold is on the way! 31337 Records‘ first vinyl for this year: Where Are My Shoes EP, by Japan‘s minimal techno queen Akiko Kiyama, including a fantastic remix by Mr. Bruno Pronsato. An outstanding release full of abstract minimal techno goodies ready to hit the clubs. Punchy bass lines on top of rhythmic percussions, exposing a twisted dark tale on the hunt for lost shoes. Her new EP starts off with Anaesthesulf, a well arranged DJ tool, repetitive but complex. Well-structured patterns surrounded by lots of hats, percussions and playful melodies. Followed by the second track called We Are Tubes Inner Tubes, a real dancefloor killer for the early morning hours. Trippy percussions, seemingly foreign vocals by Lisokot and twisted sample cuts topped with well selected effects give this tune the perfect shape. 

The B side continues with Gavotte II, a dark and pounding track with lots of variation and freaky soundsemerging seamlessly from the background. Mysterious melodies, a bouncy snare and occasional vocal cuts perfectly aligned in front of a pumping bassline. The last track is a remix of Gavotte II by Bruno Pronsato who introduces a lot of melodic bits and samples, turning the track into a new interesting direction. Creatively built sound structures, cleverly arranged with a variety of new elements and headed by a funky beat. On the digital release, we‘ve included a bonus track named Take Your Skeleton In The Closet. Another well-built production with an mysteriously obscure melody emerging between a rolling beat, full of interesting elements. The whole release is an impressive piece of art, that shouldn‘t be missing in any DJ bag! From Berlin to Tokyo – see you barefoot on the dancefloor!

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31337 Records.com