[RWT003] Romansoff – Raw Tools 3

rwt003Artists & Title:  Romansoff – Raw Tools 3
Label: Raw Tools
Catalogue#: RWT003
Date: 2013
Format: 12″
Country: Ro

– Fuel Me Up
A2 – B-B-Bottle
B1 – On & On
B2 – Roll This

Available this autumn! Worldwide distribution by DBH-music.
These clips are low quality and they are used only for promotional purposes!

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[TRM028] Fumiya Tanaka – Unknown Possibilities 3

Artists & Title:
  Fumiya Tanaka – Unknown Possibilities 3
Label: Torema Records
Catalogue#: TRM028
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //



A collectable new vinyl has recently been released by Torema Records, the third and last of the series, named after the senses it awakes, and the experiences it produces. So get ready for ‘Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’, the best in what a successful DJ can create, that DJ being Fumiya Tanaka, from Japan.

A techno veteran indeed, one that some may call the melting pot of club culture, mixing that unique funk beauty with unbelievable electronic creativity, delivered straight from his famous marathon sets, Fumiya Tanaka is both a producer and a DJ. And not any kind of a DJ, but one that collaborated with Ricardo Villalobos.

Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’ takes the tracks of ‘Sundance’ 2008 and turns them into a re-mastered piece of vinyl insanity. And with so much beat power, on this sort of music ground, created by a DJ likeFumiya Tanaka, ‘Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’ qualifies as a good release from Torema.

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[CCRT001] Various Artists – Textures I – II – III

concreteVarious Artists – Textures I
Label: Concrete Music
Catalog#: CCRT001
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Paris
Released:  Feb 2013


CCRT001 – A / Textures I – I
A1.  Awanto 3 – Sit On This
A2. S3A (Sampling As An Art) – The Ravist
B1. Jared Wilson – You Get Down
B2. Samuel Andrè Madsen – Waterwalking Paris

CCRT001 – B / Textures I – II
Bleak – What We Are Made For
A2. Dario Zenker – Port De La Dimanche 
B1. Abdulla Rashim – Awash River
B2. Behzad & Amarou – Batiment 21

CCRT001 – C / Textures I – III
Cabanne – Zoso
B1. Binh – H.ufer
B2. Priku – Mare Mirare

Paris Club kings, Concrete, unleash a series of Textures, representing their diverse and hugely popular events in Paris….

The label say” TEXTURES I, is a collection of tracks produced by foreign and French artists. All have played at CONCRETE and they all try here to transcribe in their respective styles, the atmosphere of these Sundays on the bank of Port De La Rapée.

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[MMLP038] Robert Hood – MOTOR: NightTime World 3 (3x 12″ LP, 180Gr. Vinyl Incl. CD)

rhArtists & Title: Robert Hood – MOTOR: NightTime World 3
Label: Music Man Records
Catalogue#: MMLP038
Date: Dec. 2012
Format: 3x 12″ LP, 180Gr. Vinyl Incl. CD
Country: Belgium


Following recent Music Man cd’s from Petar Dundov and Marcel Dettmann, we now welcome one of Detroit’s finest, Robert Hood. After the legendary Nighttime World Volume 1 and Nighttime World Volume 2, we are proud to be able to present you the long awaited “Motor: Nighttime World 3” on Music Man!
With “Motor: Nighttime World 3” Robert Hood returns to the project he first started on Austria’s Cheap label back in 1995 and subsequently continued in 2000 on M-Plant. Fusing his trademark minimal techno into jazz inspired moods and inflections, Hood emerges from the smoke-lit shadows of a downbeat, but not beaten, Motor City metropolis. Inspired by Julien Temple’s documentary ‘Requiem For Detroit?’ Robert Hood examines the life, history and future of Detroit’s motor industry and its workforce, set against a backdrop of decay, despair, hope and re-birth. More on http://www.musicmanrecords.net

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[TIR002] Various Artists – RGP EP

tir002Artists & Title: Various Artists – RGP EP
Te Iubesc Records
Dec. 2012
12″ Vinyl

Alexander Einetter & Diogo Magalhaes – Distance without Diffrence
No Hype – Jocuri De Societate
Sepp – Traian 42

This second opus is first of all Te Iubesc Records’ confirmation of their desire to give a chance to young and raw talents to express themselves on vinyl, and therefore show the world who they are. But second of all, with this release TIR wanted to demonstrate that they are not “all about romanians” as they were criticized wrongly before. “Romania was just a path to greater music”, wherever it comes from.So unlike the first one, this edition is a Various Artists and features artists from 3 different countries, Romania, Portugal and Germany. RPG as standed in the name of the EP.It’s less dancefloor oriented, but the depth of those 3 tracks will surely make you travel if you hear it in a club or from your couch.The first track by Alexander Einetter (Germany) & Diogo Maghalaes (Portugal) is really dear to us as we invested ourselves 100% on it by recording vocals in a professional studio in Paris. But besides the special meaning that it has,this 15 min track is really well made,changing grooves, fine percussions and deep atmospheres will take you on a long distance journey,with no difference if you’re listenning to it at home laying down or in the middle of a crowd on a loud soundsystem.On the B side, both of the artists No Hype and Sepp are romanians and provide here subtle,minimalistic constant beats to which they add some of their magical inspirations.Jocuri de societate has an unusual construction as it’s made in a way that the whole track builds up to finally gently explode the last 3 minutes.No Hype, originally romanian but living in germany is under influence of both countries, and made from those a sound that is really his and no one else’s, deep and hypnotic.Whereas Sepp goes straight to the “groove” point with Traian 42,he takes you higher with that deep dark vocal on top of it and with his slapping claps and snares.Coming from the black sea coast, he’s now a well respected producer on the local scene,as lots of his productions have a big support from Arpiar!

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[LEONE006] diferiT – Altceva LP

Artist & Title: diferiT – Altceva LP
Sept 2012
File, .mp3

1. Multul Putin
2. Prin Parti
3. Extremitati
4. Mai De Dans
5. Muzica Urbana
6. Floare De Cires
7. Si Mai De Dans
8. Visand

G Funk aka Cosmin Grigoriu, discovered his passion for music from an early age when he was guided by his parents to take piano and clarinet lessons in the School of Arts in Roman. At the age 14 , starts going to the local clubs. Seeing the resident DJs play music ,he quickly falls in love with this hobby getting to play frequently in some clubs where he goes regularly. At 15 he is invited to be resident at a new club opened in the city. This was the first step towards his rise. In the winter of 2010, he begins working on his own musical projects, signing an EP on the very first day of 2011 with 26 TeaDrops International in Russia. Seeing that his work is appreciated he tries harder and harder and manages to get different EPs on various labels under the name G Funk and KosmynG. In 2012 he start to produce under diferiT. The year of 2012 ,come with some gigs around the country,and with some new projects with Libe,Octave,Dubsons, and also start a collective named Trin Kollectiv with Lumieux and Ricu. His work are supported by Nastia , Kurmyshev,Razaar, Jay Bliss,Terje Bakke,Curl Menghi and many many people.

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[UQ-047] DJ Jus-Ed is 50ty and Lookin’ Good!

DJ Jus-Ed is 50ty and Lookin’ Good!
Artists: Dj Jus-Ed
Catalog#: UQ047
Format: CD Album, File
Country: US
Released: Sept 2012

Marylandjam dtp
The Favor
All I Want To Do (Part.2)
PJ-255 GV Room
Becky’s Jam (Part.2)
Techno Dance
All I Want To Do
GV 255 Lazy Boy
Project #14


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CUT Fraisheur#5

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: CUT Fraisheur#5
Profile: fraisheur
Date: 3 August 2012
Time: 1:57:32