Sonus Discis 004 : PasQ&Andreia

pasq“Sonus Discis is an online community for like-minded people dedicated to sharing forward thinking Underground Dance Music. We aim to create an environment in which innovative and inspiring new concepts in music can grow and blossom without rules or restraint.
We promote complete freedom to be creative and individual and are fully committed to bringing you a community bursting with new and exciting flavours”

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Sonus Discis 004 : PasQ&andreia
Profile: SonusDiscis
Date: 27 Jan. 2013
Time: 00:50:19

As 2013 is under way and everybody is on course to recovery after an eventful end of 2012, it’s time to get back to business, and what better way to do that than with a brand new podcast. For the 4th episode of the series we are happy to welcome a young and talented duo, PasQ and Andreia. Most recently they’ve joined Project London Records family. PasQ last event was in Milan at Subculture party with Cezar.

And the duo’s musical journey sets about with some carefully chosen experimental modular sounds, complemented by Robag Wruhme’s excellent Prognosen Boom, track that brings a note of happiness to the podcast’s debut. It also paves the way for a selection of breezy, dub-ish beats where the boys’ romanian influences kick in. The set gains complexity as we move on, with the music recipe becoming quite eclectic, ranging from deep, abstract sounds, drumming minimal structures to deep house rhythms. It is very laid-back and experimental podcast from a promising duo, but nonetheless excellent to savor along a fine wine or while gearing up for a party.

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[PNR002] Vlad Caia – Swan Lake

Artists & Title: Vlad Caia – Swan Lake
27 Dec. 2012
12″ Vinyl, Limited

Vlad Caia – Swan Lake
Vlad Caia – Eternal Sunshine

Pluie/Noir is finally back with a two-track EP from Vlad Caia.

Swan Lake shows with finesse his staggering skills to craft cinematographic atmospheres in danceable patterns, bending musical styles and constantly reminding us that club music can be so much more. Both sides share the same classical-inspired background while still being quite different in mood and lightness. Striking at 14 minutes each, the progression on these tracks remain sophisticated and visionary, messing with your head and heart in unexpected ways.

‘Swan Lake’ is a delicate yet striking piece, with a precise yet unusual drum-programming and intelligent classical-music sampling. The flip-side ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is a darker toned track, with slight-flashes of acid in it’s core bass-line and ever-lifting tense chords that unexpectedly rumble between the intense atmosphere and lift both your body and soul.

Artwork was handpainted by designer Max Binski, Pluie/Noir’s curator and art director.

Written & Produced by Vlad Caia.
Mastered by Gregor Zemljič at Earresistible Studios, Slovenia.
Artwork & Design by Max Binski, Pluie/Noir

Distributed by Intergroove Germany.
Limited pressings.

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W H P # 0 0 4 – 2 7 O c t . 1 1 p m
@ L a b o r a t o r i o C r a s h !
V i a d e l l a C o o p e r a z i o n e , 1 0 – B o l o g n a ( I T )


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f P A G E :
L A B O R A T O R I O C R A S H :

[LELEKA003] Ashes To Machines – Resistance

Ashes To Machines – Resistance
12″ Vinyl, marbled
 27 Aug 2012


Design by Masha Gonchar © Leleka 2012 – In his continuing quest to explore ever broader and more ambitious musical territories than those records from his existing, already expansive, yet still relatively young back catalogue have done, Konotops spiritual warrior Vakula brings us the latest installment of Leleka.

This time, it is with the aid of the pan global operation known as Ashes To Machines. Lionel Corsini (DJ Oil) & Jeff Sharel are true musical ambassadors, having travelled through more than 40 countries in the last 3 years. Encountering all manner of musicians and singers along the way, they all contribute their own spirit to the greater whole. Sounds of the African diaspora meet those of their European descendants, creating what can only truthfully be described as music of the Earth.
Remixes propel the organic sounding originals further towards the future, with Vakula, Ji Dru & Sandra Nkake and Juju & Jordash all adding their own unique interpretations, while equally showing the depth of understanding they all have for more esoteric musical forms. These are sounds which will never grow old, which will last as long as the planet itself and indeed beyond. Nevertheless, physical copies of this record will be limited – you would be well advised to buy now, or else miss your chance in years to come…

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[PNR001] Petre Inspirescu ‎– Un Livret De Duminica

Petre Inspirescu ‎– Un Livret De Duminica
Label: Pluie/Noir Recordings
Catalog#: PNR001
Format: Vinyl, Limited Edition
Country: Portugal
Released: 27 Jun 2012
Site: Pluie/Noir

Un Livret De Duminica

B. Synth Society

Pluie/Noir has been pushing the boundaries between the worlds of music and graphic art. Slowly gaining reputation with their already respectable podcast series of music and triptych artwork interpretations, their debut as a vinyl-only imprint comes nothing short of daze. Signed by no other than Romanian tour-de-force Petre Inspirescu, this EP delivers two quite distinct yet wonderfully immersive moments of pure bliss and incredible production forte. Un Livret de Duminica strikes somehow familiar to his musical adventures as TT Ensemble out on his own Yojik-Concon, and re-imagines it in a different yet dreamy setting where classic music once again bends with the finest micro-house grooves. Synth Society draws the listener away from the skyline and lands him inside a giant modular system. Here the hooks are on the addicting bassline and the unsettling sense of room space on all frequencies of modular sounds he used, proving that Petre is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and provocative music writters/producers around. Artwork was drawn by talented fine-arts student and music producer Traian Chereches (TC Studio), member of the P/N Artist Collective. Definitely a great start for the imprint, and a mere glimpse of whats coming next

Distributed By – Intergroove
Printed By – Handle With Care
Copyright (c) – Pluie/Noir Recordings
Artwork – Traian Chereches
Design – Max Binski
Producer – Petre Inspirescu