[VACANCYCOORDINATOR] Vacancy Coordinator – (( ))

a4054878426_10Artists & Title: Vacancy Coordinator – (( ))
Catalogue#: no
Date: 2013
Format: File, .mp3
Country: UK


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[RB128] Alci – Early Beginnings Part 3

alciArtists: Alci
Title: Early Beginnings Part 3
Cat.: RB128
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release: 2013


Alcis three part series titled Early Beginnings draws to a close and firmly cements the young Swiss producer as a House music star in the making. Alcis first ever demo was sent to Phil Weeks at the start of 2013, and so impressed was the Robsoul chief that he instantly signed all 10 tracks to the label. Alci, Robsoul and Phil Weeks are an ideal match, as this third installment shows once again, with his funky, looped, sample-based and heads-down jacking house beats aligning perfectly with both Phils and the labels philosophy and output. Its also clear to hear the influence of the classic French House sound & Robsouls interpretation of it in Alcis music. The first two volumes in the Early Beginnings series picked up support from Mosca (Radio 1 play), Darren Emerson, Roberto Rodriguez, Round Table Knights, Matthias Vogt, Dirty Channels, Catz N Dogz, Rolando, Hot Toddy and many more

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[LPA012] Andy Kolwes – La Peña Records 012

lapena12Andy Kolwes – La Peña Records 012
La Peña Records
12″ Vinyl
Released: 2013


Release Date: 12.12.2013 

[RB130] Nail – A-Block Trax Vol. 2

rs130Artists: Nail
Title: A-Block Trax Vol. 2
Cat.: RB130
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release: 2013


Robsoul Recordings welcome back the talented Nail for the second installment of his A Block Trax series. Volume 1’s deep Midlands grooves picked up praise from Charles Webster, Fred Everything, Danny Krivit, Fish Go Deep and Jay Tripwire, and Volume 2 follows in exactly the same footsteps, delighting those who know Nail’s music from back in the day.

Mark Farina succinctly sums the resurgence of the Nottingham-based producer: “Nail back on the block!”

What goes around comes around, so the saying goes, and for Neil “Nail” Tolliday—2013 is the year for come arounds. Whilst this side of the millennium was spent chiefly on Bent, his eight-year partnership with Simon Mills that headlined festivals and was a huge commercial success, prior that he was simply Nail, underground house producer and admired cult DJ—origins that some twenty years later are being exposed anew.

With two EPs for Phil Weeks’ Robsoul Recordings – the first volume of A Block Trax and a collaboration with Cass Roc as The NG9 Project – and another on the way for AirDrop, Nail is fervently back, and more pertinent than ever.

Release date: 13th December 2013

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[Poinciana] Poinciana – Moot Points

mooArtists & Title: Poinciana – Moot Points
Label: Poinciana Records
Catalogue#: no
Date: 2013
Format: File, .mp3
Country: USA


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[NMBRS27] Sparky – Portland with Ricardo Villalobos Remixes

portlandArtists: Sparky
Title: Portland with Ricardo Villalobos Remixes
Cat.: NMBRS27
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release: 2013



Portland was produced by our good friend Dave Clark aka Sparky and was the first record we released in 2002, about a year before the first ever Numbers party took place.

Originally recorded live to tape using an MMT8, a Microwave II, and an ESi32 in the summer of 1998, it was released on an old label of ours named Stuffrecords and formed part of a somewhat rambling compilation called STUFF001. We hastily stuck this record out without any proper distribution, because at the time we didn’t know any better. Despite this, the record did pretty well, selling 500 copies to a few select stores who had faith in what we were doing.

Fast forward a year or so to when Numbers kicked off and the track became one of the first bonafide anthems in the club. It was our tune and it would tear the roof off at any of our parties.

A couple of years later, we booked DJ Pete, aka ‘Substance’ to play. We’re talking about the record in the pub when he suddenly informs us that Ricardo Villalobos is crazy about it and even charted it. This was a deep, almost Drexciyan electro track and here was the king of crazy experimental minimal house music caning it in his DJ sets.

Not long after that night, the Numbers label was up and running and the idea to re-release Portland with a remix from Mr Villalobos was brought up almost as a kind of pipe-dream. Now in 2013, with a little help from Gerd Janson, it has finally happened. Recorded live in one take and clocking in at over 30 minutes long, it’s cited as an “experiment” by Ricardo. Designed to play at two speeds, at 33rpm it’s almost like an early 90s Black Dog track stretched out to infinity, whilst at 45rpm, it’s a club-ready groover with an almost Dopplereffekt rhythm to it – the sort you could imagine sneaking into a DJ Assault or Godfather Ghettotech mix. Somehow, it also manages to be classic Villalobos.

To finish off the record Dave gave us two unheard tracks from those original Portland sessions in 1998. The malevolent electro of ‘Jigsaw’ would instantly have become another Numbers anthem if only Dave had let us hear it ten years ago, and closer track ‘Wilson St’ heads down an ambient route.

About Sparky
Dave’s a bit of a legend. In the early 90s he was a member of Glasgow Techno band State Of Flux who released on JD Twitch’s old label T&B Vinyl. Their first live show was supporting The Black Dog in 1992 at an old Glasgow venue called Industria, and they were also the support at the first ever Jeff Mills show in Glasgow. Later on Dave would release records under the name Truffle Club and regularly collaborated with JD Twitch on remixes under the Optimo (Espacio) banner. Dave and his brother Craig also released an ep under the name ‘Music At Nite’ for former Numbers label Wireblock. Most recently, he’s been working under the name LUMA for Optimo Trax.

To coincide with Numbers 10 anniversary we’re re-releasing Sparky’s Portland with a 30 minute Ricardo Villalobos remix http://nmbrs.net/10

2×12″ vinyl & digital out now on Numbers – http://nmbrs.net

Buy at iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/portland/id770864980
Buy at Rubadub – http://www.rubadubrecords.co.uk/music/techno/portland-ricardo-villalobos-remix
Buy at Boomkat – http://boomkat.com/vinyl/885066-sparky-portland
Buy at Bleep – https://bleep.com/release/48483-sparky-portland
Buy at Beatport – http://www.beatport.com/release/portland/1215516


[ODD006] V/A – Remixes 1

socksArtists: V/A
Title: Remixes 1
Cat.: ODD006
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release: 2013


Odd Socks Records

[SPE002] Neville Watson – Hot & Heavy EP


Artists: Neville Watson
Title: Hot & Heavy EP
Cat.: SPE002
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release: 2013


Neville Watson ends 2013, the year in which he released his debut album for Crème Organization, with a club-focussed 12′ and the second in the DBA Special Editions series. Since remixing DBA003, and thereby providing one of the most requested tracks in the label’s history, it has only been a matter of time before the legendary UK producer joined the DBA camp for a full 12′ release. In keeping with the remit of the Special Editions sub-label, all three tracks are aimed squarely at the dancefloor, but relative to previous Neville Watson releases they tread a significantly more Techno line, from the fused circuitry of Crossing The I’s to the deeper strains of Hot & Heavy, and the twisted bassline assault of Wired.


[WHITE023] Vid Vai – By The Winding Trail


Artists: Vid Vai
Title: By The Winding Trail
Cat.: WHITE023
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release: 2013


We proudly present you a newcomer from Slowenia called Vid Vai.
He has gotten a lot of attention for his Rimini 12 Inch Disco –Edit contribution called “Hard To Get” (Rimini 002) and has been friends with Oskar Offermann ever since.
The Daytripper” is a happy and shaky tune with a really strong main synth.
You will definitely get on a little adventure while hearing this hypnotic, trippy song, especially on a big soundsystem.
It’s definitely dancefloor approved, and we would love to play it on a dwarf festival in a big mysterious and foggy forrest.
“Reminiscence”, the A2, brings a lot of love and melody into the whole release with the jazzy piano.
After hearing this track, we immediatly had the disire to have a romantic Oyster dinner with Abdullah Ibrahim and Duke Ellington.
With a lot of candles.
And WHITE wine.
On the B 1 , you’re getting a darker, more teddybear-topless-technoid tool called “Lapsed”, which will shake the bunkers madly.
Feel free to give us your feedback, and we hope you will enjoy this release.



DDN06Artists & Title: DE DORMITOR 006
Label: DeDormitor
Catalogue#: DDN006
Date: 2013
Format: Free file .wav / .flac
Country: Ro


Release/catalogue number: DDN-006

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