[AEM002] Nu Zau – Angajat De Mai

aet002Artists & Title: Nu Zau – Angajat De Mai
Label: Æternum Music
Catalogue#: AEM002
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Paris


(AEM002)_Nu Zau_Angajat de mai EP
including remix from :
Release date TBA.
Artwork by : Raphaël Garnier

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[MMLP038] Robert Hood – MOTOR: NightTime World 3 (3x 12″ LP, 180Gr. Vinyl Incl. CD)

rhArtists & Title: Robert Hood – MOTOR: NightTime World 3
Label: Music Man Records
Catalogue#: MMLP038
Date: Dec. 2012
Format: 3x 12″ LP, 180Gr. Vinyl Incl. CD
Country: Belgium


Following recent Music Man cd’s from Petar Dundov and Marcel Dettmann, we now welcome one of Detroit’s finest, Robert Hood. After the legendary Nighttime World Volume 1 and Nighttime World Volume 2, we are proud to be able to present you the long awaited “Motor: Nighttime World 3” on Music Man!
With “Motor: Nighttime World 3” Robert Hood returns to the project he first started on Austria’s Cheap label back in 1995 and subsequently continued in 2000 on M-Plant. Fusing his trademark minimal techno into jazz inspired moods and inflections, Hood emerges from the smoke-lit shadows of a downbeat, but not beaten, Motor City metropolis. Inspired by Julien Temple’s documentary ‘Requiem For Detroit?’ Robert Hood examines the life, history and future of Detroit’s motor industry and its workforce, set against a backdrop of decay, despair, hope and re-birth. More on http://www.musicmanrecords.net

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[ARPIAR012] Petre Inspirescu – Gradina Onirica

a-12Artists & Title: Petre Inspirescu – Gradina Onirica
Catalogue#: ARPIAR012
Date: Dec. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Ro


New Album on Aripiar coming soon…

Written and composed by Bodiu Radu Dumitru
Produced by Petre Inspirescu
Violin: Atena Garciu
Painting by Nives Vincic
Video arrangements : Vlad Caia

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Xquisite Podcast #2 – Sander Baan

xqPlatform: Soundcloud
Title: Xquisite Podcast #2 – Sander Baan
Profile: Xquisite Records
Date: 11 Dec. 2012
Time: 01:00:07

Xquisite podcast #2 is online!
For the second podcast we Invited our friend Sander Baan to record an exclusive mix

born in the Netherlands, has risen to become a regular DJ at Berlin’s legendary
Club der Visionäre. Known for his long hour sets, Sander has developed his own
unique and versatile blend of sexy, stripped-down house and techno.

[TIR002] Various Artists – RGP EP

tir002Artists & Title: Various Artists – RGP EP
Te Iubesc Records
Dec. 2012
12″ Vinyl

Alexander Einetter & Diogo Magalhaes – Distance without Diffrence
No Hype – Jocuri De Societate
Sepp – Traian 42

This second opus is first of all Te Iubesc Records’ confirmation of their desire to give a chance to young and raw talents to express themselves on vinyl, and therefore show the world who they are. But second of all, with this release TIR wanted to demonstrate that they are not “all about romanians” as they were criticized wrongly before. “Romania was just a path to greater music”, wherever it comes from.So unlike the first one, this edition is a Various Artists and features artists from 3 different countries, Romania, Portugal and Germany. RPG as standed in the name of the EP.It’s less dancefloor oriented, but the depth of those 3 tracks will surely make you travel if you hear it in a club or from your couch.The first track by Alexander Einetter (Germany) & Diogo Maghalaes (Portugal) is really dear to us as we invested ourselves 100% on it by recording vocals in a professional studio in Paris. But besides the special meaning that it has,this 15 min track is really well made,changing grooves, fine percussions and deep atmospheres will take you on a long distance journey,with no difference if you’re listenning to it at home laying down or in the middle of a crowd on a loud soundsystem.On the B side, both of the artists No Hype and Sepp are romanians and provide here subtle,minimalistic constant beats to which they add some of their magical inspirations.Jocuri de societate has an unusual construction as it’s made in a way that the whole track builds up to finally gently explode the last 3 minutes.No Hype, originally romanian but living in germany is under influence of both countries, and made from those a sound that is really his and no one else’s, deep and hypnotic.Whereas Sepp goes straight to the “groove” point with Traian 42,he takes you higher with that deep dark vocal on top of it and with his slapping claps and snares.Coming from the black sea coast, he’s now a well respected producer on the local scene,as lots of his productions have a big support from Arpiar!

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[ARMA04] Area – Bourbon Skies

Artists & Title:
Area, Vakula, Dj Sprinkles – Bourbon Skies
Dec. 2012
12″ Vinyl

A1. Area – Bourbon Skies
A2. Area – Bourbon Skies (Vakula Remix)
B1. Area – Bourbon Skies / St. Petersburg Three-Four Blues (Remix by DJ Sprinkles)


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Sharingtones Records Podcast 002. Dasha Redkina

dashaPlatform: Soundcloud
Title: Sharingtones Records Podcast 002. Dasha Redkina
Profile: Sharingtones Records
Date: 23 Nov. 2012
Time: 01:27:48

We are very proud to present you one of our very favorite rising artist for our second episode; Dasha Redkina delivers a beautiful vinyl selection straight from Arma17, Moscow. She represents perfectly this new vibe that brought freshness in the edm scene associating all we seek for, from very old school deep house to the most avant-gardist microhouse. Arma17 has been one the most inspiring scene for us and we’re glad to catch some essence of that mysterious Russian wave. As well as being truly devoted to collecting rare black disks she also brings forward a visual identity forging the style of Yokjik ConCon among others (http://vredkinahda.wordpress.com/). True precursor who opens dance music to new horizons, Dasha has been a real inspiration for us to explore this plurality of dimensions existing in house music but yet lacking of a true ambassador in the scene.
For more info: redkina

Sonus Discis 003 : Inner

“Sonus Discis is an online community for like-minded people dedicated to sharing forward thinking Underground Dance Music. We aim to create an environment in which innovative and inspiring new concepts in music can grow and blossom without rules or restraint.

We promote complete freedom to be creative and individual and are fully committed to bringing you a community bursting with new and exciting flavours”

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Sonus Discis 003 : Inner
Profile: SonusDiscis
Date: 28 Nov. 2012
Time: 00:59:44

After an excellent set from Kashawar, the third installment from our podcast series brings a very intriguing artist in the spotlight. Hailing from the northern city of Iasi, Inner comes with a vast wealth of music experience under his belt, with his first EP being released on Derivat netlabel in 2009. His clean, fresh and eclectic approach has seen him enjoying appraised releases on alternative label Local Records on labels such as Kina and Strictly Chosen and most recently he has joined the Project London Records team. While he doesn’t limit himself to a certain style, his sound is deep and organic, creating a dark, cold and gloomy atmosphere.

And he confirms the above, with mysterious, autumn melancholy filled structures building up the beginning of the set. However, as this autumn was not as gloomy as usual, the fine deep house selection is slowly unveiled as the set progresses. The more we listen, the deeper we
go, with Inner showing his affinity for dark, organic sounds of great depth and resonance. On the other hand, his self-declared fondness for “percussive and bassy kicks that echo straight into your lungs” results in an excellently built bass and kick structure that complements the deepness trip throughout the entire mix, with the foot starting to tap the floor unconsciously. All in all, an all round set that might get you to miss several tube or bus stations daydreaming….or daydancing.

Get social:

SC: Innerli
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Innerli?ref=ts&fref=ts
Project London Records: http://facebook.com/projectlondonrecords

[FAS004] S.A.M. – FAS004

Artists & Title: S.A.M. – FAS004
Fathers & Sons
Vinyl, 12″, Limited
Country: Spain
Released: Dec 2012

S.A.M. – The D
S.A.M. – Third Track
S.A.M. – Never Stop
S.A.M. – Prayer For The Death

FAS004 is the last release of this Spain-based label, A Solo EP from our very own son, S.A.M. It will be released around mid-December 2012 vinyl-only. Limited copies.
Audio sample: MP3 96kbps.
Limited copies.

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[PNR002] Vlad Caia – Swan Lake

Artists & Title: Vlad Caia – Swan Lake
27 Dec. 2012
12″ Vinyl, Limited

Vlad Caia – Swan Lake
Vlad Caia – Eternal Sunshine

Pluie/Noir is finally back with a two-track EP from Vlad Caia.

Swan Lake shows with finesse his staggering skills to craft cinematographic atmospheres in danceable patterns, bending musical styles and constantly reminding us that club music can be so much more. Both sides share the same classical-inspired background while still being quite different in mood and lightness. Striking at 14 minutes each, the progression on these tracks remain sophisticated and visionary, messing with your head and heart in unexpected ways.

‘Swan Lake’ is a delicate yet striking piece, with a precise yet unusual drum-programming and intelligent classical-music sampling. The flip-side ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is a darker toned track, with slight-flashes of acid in it’s core bass-line and ever-lifting tense chords that unexpectedly rumble between the intense atmosphere and lift both your body and soul.

Artwork was handpainted by designer Max Binski, Pluie/Noir’s curator and art director.

Written & Produced by Vlad Caia.
Mastered by Gregor Zemljič at Earresistible Studios, Slovenia.
Artwork & Design by Max Binski, Pluie/Noir

Distributed by Intergroove Germany.
Limited pressings.

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