[AEM002] Nu Zau – Angajat De Mai

Artists & Title: Nu Zau – Angajat De Mai Label: Æternum Music Catalogue#: AEM002 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Tracklist: Credits: (AEM002)_Nu Zau_Angajat de mai EP including remix from : Cabanne. Release date TBA. Artwork by : Raphaël Garnier Get your copy!

[MMLP038] Robert Hood – MOTOR: NightTime World 3 (3x 12″ LP, 180Gr. Vinyl Incl. CD)

Artists & Title: Robert Hood – MOTOR: NightTime World 3 Label: Music Man Records Catalogue#: MMLP038 Date: Dec. 2012 Format: 3x 12″ LP, 180Gr. Vinyl Incl. CD Country: Belgium Tracklist: Credits: Following recent Music Man cd’s from Petar Dundov and Marcel Dettmann, we now welcome one of Detroit’s finest, Robert Hood. After the legendary Nighttime World Volume 1 and Nighttime World … Continua a leggere

[ARPIAR012] Petre Inspirescu – Gradina Onirica

Artists & Title: Petre Inspirescu – Gradina Onirica Label: [a:rpia:r] Catalogue#: ARPIAR012 Date: Dec. 2012 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ro Tracklist: Credits: New Album on Aripiar coming soon… Written and composed by Bodiu Radu Dumitru Produced by Petre Inspirescu Violin: Atena Garciu Painting by Nives Vincic Video arrangements : Vlad Caia Get your copy!

Xquisite Podcast #2 – Sander Baan

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Xquisite Podcast #2 – Sander Baan Profile: Xquisite Records Date: 11 Dec. 2012 Time: 01:00:07 Credits: Xquisite podcast #2 is online! For the second podcast we Invited our friend Sander Baan to record an exclusive mix born in the Netherlands, has risen to become a regular DJ at Berlin’s legendary Club der Visionäre. Known for his long … Continua a leggere

[TIR002] Various Artists – RGP EP

Artists & Title: Various Artists – RGP EP Label: Te Iubesc Records Catalogue#: TIR002 Date: Dec. 2012 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ro Tracklist: 1. Alexander Einetter & Diogo Magalhaes – Distance without Diffrence 2. No Hype – Jocuri De Societate 3. Sepp – Traian 42 Credits: This second opus is first of all Te Iubesc Records’ confirmation of their desire to give … Continua a leggere

[ARMA04] Area – Bourbon Skies

Artists & Title: Area, Vakula, Dj Sprinkles – Bourbon Skies Label: Arma Catalogue#: ARMA04 Date: Dec. 2012 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Moscow Tracklist: A1. Area – Bourbon Skies A2. Area – Bourbon Skies (Vakula Remix) B1. Area – Bourbon Skies / St. Petersburg Three-Four Blues (Remix by DJ Sprinkles) Credits: // Get your copy! (soon)

Sharingtones Records Podcast 002. Dasha Redkina

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Sharingtones Records Podcast 002. Dasha Redkina Profile: Sharingtones Records Date: 23 Nov. 2012 Time: 01:27:48 Credits: We are very proud to present you one of our very favorite rising artist for our second episode; Dasha Redkina delivers a beautiful vinyl selection straight from Arma17, Moscow. She represents perfectly this new vibe that brought freshness in the edm … Continua a leggere

Sonus Discis 003 : Inner

“Sonus Discis is an online community for like-minded people dedicated to sharing forward thinking Underground Dance Music. We aim to create an environment in which innovative and inspiring new concepts in music can grow and blossom without rules or restraint. We promote complete freedom to be creative and individual and are fully committed to bringing … Continua a leggere

[FAS004] S.A.M. – FAS004

Artists & Title: S.A.M. – FAS004 Label: Fathers & Sons Catalog#: FAS004 Format: Vinyl, 12″, Limited Country: Spain Released: Dec 2012 Tracklist: A1. S.A.M. – The D A2. S.A.M. – Third Track B1. S.A.M. – Never Stop B2. S.A.M. – Prayer For The Death Credits: FAS004 is the last release of this Spain-based label, A Solo EP from our very own son, S.A.M. It will be … Continua a leggere

[PNR002] Vlad Caia – Swan Lake

Artists & Title: Vlad Caia – Swan Lake Label: Pluie/Noir Catalogue#: PNR002 Date: 27 Dec. 2012 Format: 12″ Vinyl, Limited Country: Lisboa Tracklist: A1. Vlad Caia – Swan Lake B1. Vlad Caia – Eternal Sunshine Credits: Pluie/Noir is finally back with a two-track EP from Vlad Caia. Swan Lake shows with finesse his staggering skills to craft cinematographic atmospheres in danceable patterns, bending … Continua a leggere