[TRAFFIC003] V.A – Parallel EP

trafficV.A – Parallel EP
Catalog#: TRAFFIC003
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Frankfurt, Germany
Released: 2014


A1 : Martyné & Jacob – Rone V
B1 : Bodin&Jacob – Nexus
B2 : Patrick Klein – Jimnastix
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Synthesise podcast #003 – Umberto 320KB

Title: Synthesise podcast #003 – Umberto 320KB
Profile: Synthesise
Date: 15 May 2013
Time: 01:05:03


ddn003Artists & Title: DE DORMITOR 003
Label: DeDormitor
Catalogue#: DDN003
Date: Jan. 2013
Format: Free file .wav / .flac
Country: Ro

Dave – Music Talks
Dave – Music Talks (Ovidiu Andrei Reconstruction)

We are proud to present Dave (David Viscu), our newest colleague, and dear friend from Iasi (Romania). His track, ‘Music Talks’, teleports the listener on a heavenly planet, ruled by the almighty Bassline, and his bohemic friend, the Pad. Ovidiu Andrei’s signature style is unleashed in his remix of Dave’s track, transforming it into a deep, driving, groove monster, topped off with cleverly hidden sampled sounds that make you lose it on the dancefloor.

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Sonus Discis 003 : Inner

“Sonus Discis is an online community for like-minded people dedicated to sharing forward thinking Underground Dance Music. We aim to create an environment in which innovative and inspiring new concepts in music can grow and blossom without rules or restraint.

We promote complete freedom to be creative and individual and are fully committed to bringing you a community bursting with new and exciting flavours”

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Sonus Discis 003 : Inner
Profile: SonusDiscis
Date: 28 Nov. 2012
Time: 00:59:44

After an excellent set from Kashawar, the third installment from our podcast series brings a very intriguing artist in the spotlight. Hailing from the northern city of Iasi, Inner comes with a vast wealth of music experience under his belt, with his first EP being released on Derivat netlabel in 2009. His clean, fresh and eclectic approach has seen him enjoying appraised releases on alternative label Local Records on labels such as Kina and Strictly Chosen and most recently he has joined the Project London Records team. While he doesn’t limit himself to a certain style, his sound is deep and organic, creating a dark, cold and gloomy atmosphere.

And he confirms the above, with mysterious, autumn melancholy filled structures building up the beginning of the set. However, as this autumn was not as gloomy as usual, the fine deep house selection is slowly unveiled as the set progresses. The more we listen, the deeper we
go, with Inner showing his affinity for dark, organic sounds of great depth and resonance. On the other hand, his self-declared fondness for “percussive and bassy kicks that echo straight into your lungs” results in an excellently built bass and kick structure that complements the deepness trip throughout the entire mix, with the foot starting to tap the floor unconsciously. All in all, an all round set that might get you to miss several tube or bus stations daydreaming….or daydancing.

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SC: Innerli
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Innerli?ref=ts&fref=ts
Project London Records: http://facebook.com/projectlondonrecords

PasQ, Nightclubber Sideways 003

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: PasQ, Nightclubber Sideways 003
Profile: nightclubber.ro
Date: 14 August 2012
Time: 1:00:02

YAY Podcast #003 mynameisduke

Title: YAY Podcast #003 mynameisduke
Profile: yayevent
Date: 3 August 2012
Time: 1:02:21

[AMP003] Sit – Morfoza EP

Sit – Morfoza EP
Label: Amphia
Catalog#: AMP003
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 3 July 2012


A. Channeling

B. Ex

1 copy per customer/ “Only Orders” Of This Record are not accepted!!1 Kopie pro Kunde / “Nur Bestellungen” von der Platte werden nicht akzeptiert!!
After two solo EP’s on their Amphia imprint, Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons morph their forces into a sonic masterpiece. Still keeping their sound minimal the SIT duo deliver a two track gem. The orchestral sounds in Channelling keep the atmosphere light, housy and very danceble yet. On the other side the haunted synths and percussion in Ex seem to lead you through a tunnel, most likely a techno one. Morphoza is pressed in 500 copies.

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