[001] Out Of Necessity – 001

001Artists & Title: Out Of Necessity – 001
Out Of Necessity
Catalogue#: 001
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Sheffield


[STUDIOR°001] Fred P. / Eric Cloutier / Anton Kubikov / Korablove – 001

roFred P. / Eric Cloutier / Anton Kubikov / Korablove – 001
Label: Studio r°
Catalog#: STUDIOR°001
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Berlin
Released: 2013


The first EP presents New York-raised but now Berlin-based Fred P, who shares the A-side with another recent New York-to-Berlin transplant, Eric Cloutier, here making his awaited production debut on vinyl. For the B-side, Moscow is in the spotlight with offerings from well-regarded Russian talents Anton Kubikov and Korablove. It’s a perfect type of deep for summer 2013.
Mastering by Stefan Betke (Scape Mastering).


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[Säure Music Group Limited 001] GENERAL VEX – GENERAL VEX


Label: Säure Music Group
Catalogue#: Säure Music Group Limited 001
Date: 2013
Format: 12″
Country: UK


Myles Sergé’s Saure Music Group expands its self to create SMG Limited. SMG Limited showcases only special and one of a kind tracks in a vinyl only format. The 1st release is from two of our good friends PLURAL (aka James Johnson) and GENERAL VEX who split the release to create pure madness!!!
Early support from Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Myles Sergé, D Knox, Tommy Vicari Jnr, D’Funk, and Russ Denman.
Mastered by D’Funk
 – elektekproductions@live.co.uk
Label design by PHREK at Etherimage – 
Distributed by Vinyl-Labor – www.Vinyl-Labor.com


ZU::BAR podcast #001 | Francesco Del Garda

Title: ZU::BAR podcast #001 | Francesco Del Garda
Profile: Zu::bar
Date: 2013
Time: 00:58:21

ZU::BAR podcast episode 001 is finally online.
Proudly presenting our new resident: FRANCESCO DEL GARDA [ Jesus Loved You // ZU::BAR ]


Classe 1978, Francesco Del Garda scopre il suo amore per la musica elettronica all’età di sedici anni. Inizia ad acquistare vinili in modo quasi ossessivo;catturato dai suoni analogici e minimali cerca di accaparrarsi quante più nuove uscite possibili, e va alla ricerca di quelle già stampate: profonda ed accurata selezione che negli anni lo ha portato a possedere le collezioni complete di progetti come ‘Concept 1’, ‘Studio 1’ e ‘Profan’… Diciottenne , decide di trasferirsi nella riviera romagnola – allora centro assoluto del clubbing italiano – dove inizia immediatamente una dura ma prolifica gavetta. Riesce presto ad esibirsi in party di rilevanza nazionale, fino ad entrare a far parte in pianta stabile della famiglia Echoes… Francesco va alla continua ricerca di sonorità differenti per non proporre mai nulla di scontato; la dedizione assoluta allo studio sonoro lo porta a scoprire una dimensione musicale quasi perfetta,rivisitandola in modo molto personale e ispirandosi a deejay come Zip, Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Valentino Kanzyani,Praslea,trova il perfetto connubio tra funky, groovy house e techno. In continua e profonda evoluzione, propone un sound pieno e terribilmente coinvolgente; che sia techno o house la prerogativa è sempre la presenza di un basso profondamente corposo e potente.Quando decide di sedersi e produrre, lo fa con il suo grande amico Alessandro Gaia, con il quale rilascia (anno 2010) due tracce per ‘Viva Music’ ed ‘Oslo Records’.Nei due anni seguenti compaiono in un V.A. della ‘House Republic’ e stampano un 12″ per ‘Naked & Ashamed’,una delle label del boss fondatore di Fear Of Flying’.
Consapevolezza delle proprie idee e dei propri mezzi, ed una fortissima ambizione lo portano a partecipare attivamente a diverse situazioni amiche sparse in giro per l’Italia.Ultima in fatto di tempo è la collaborazione con lo sloveno Ian F con il quale avvia un progetto che coinvolge dj-set e lavori in studio.
‘Colours’, iniziando così a ritagliarsi un ruolo anche fuori del confine nazionale ,da qui in pochi mesi,attirandone l’attenzione entra a far parte della importante Jesus Loved You Bookings…


&rt; www.facebook.com/pages/Francesco-Del-Garda/330896530355045
&rt; www.facebook.com/jesuslovedyoubookings
&rt; www.facebook.com/coloursinmusic


&rt; www.facebook.com/zubarclub?fref=ts
&rt; Zubaritaly@gmail.com

Release/catalogue number: 001

Drt Pshrmn – Podcast 001 [DDP-001]

ddr001Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Drt Pshrmn – Podcast 001 [DDP-001]
Profile: DDP001
Date: 21 Apr. 2013
Time: 00:57:34

Drt Pshrmn’s first podcast for de dormitor is basically a summary of what party-goers would hear him play in the context of a party. The only major difference is that this podcast is much housier and sexier than his usual techno bombardment, and announces that summer parties are on their way!


tsubaArtists & Title: Moodymanc, Larry Heard, Sascha Dive, Chez damier – TSUBA SPECIAL 001
 Tsuba Records
Catalogue#: TSUBASP001
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: London

Moodymanc – Black Paint (Larry Heard Mix)
Sascha Dive – Jus Groove (Chez Damier Mix)

We present the first of a new series bringing together in demand out of print Tsuba classics. What better way to start than with the classic Larry Heard remix of Moodymanc’s ‘Black Paint’, one of RA’s Top 50 tracks of 2011, backed with the Chez Damier mix of Sascha Dive’s  ‘Jus Groove’. A must have 12 inch for any serious record collection!

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Pluie/Noir Recordings 001 – “Un Livret de Duminica”

Pluie/Noir Recordings 001
“Un Livret de Duminica”

Sound by Petre Inspirescu.
Video by Max Binski.

“Lisbon-based collective Pluie/Noir has been mixing the worlds of music and graphic art through a bi-monthly podcast series of music and artwork interpretations in triptychs, featuring artists from all over the world. Their debut as a vinyl-only imprint came as the most logic step on the map.
Signed by Romanian tour-de-force Petre Inspirescu, this EP delivers two quite distinct yet immersive moments of intricate delicacy and incredible production forte.
A-side “Un Livret de Duminica” strikes somehow familiar to his musical adventures as π Ensemble (out on his own imprint Yojik-Concon), and re-imagines it in a different yet dreamy setting where classic music once again bends with the finest micro-house grooves. The flip-side “Synth Society” draws the listener away from the skyline and lands him inside a giant modular system. Here the hooks are on the addicting bassline and the unsettling sense of room space and frequency-depth of analog sounds, proving that Petre is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and provocative music writters/producers around.
Artwork was drawn by fine-arts student and music producer Traian Chereches (TC Studio), member of the P/N Artist Collective.
Definitely a great start for the portuguese imprint, and a mere glimpse of what’s coming next.”


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Sonus Discis 001: The Poshcast

“Sonus Discis is an online community for like-minded people dedicated to sharing forward thinking Underground Dance Music. We aim to create an environment in which innovative and inspiring new concepts in music can grow and blossom without rules or restraint.
We promote complete freedom to be creative and individual and are fully committed to bringing you a community bursting with new and exciting flavours”

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Sonus Discis 001: The Poshcast
Profile: SonusDiscis
Date: 10 Oct. 2012
Time: 00:59:12

“As the summer is drawing to a close and the nights are getting colder, longer and darker; We want to keep your hearts and feet still warm with the introduction of Sonus Discis very first intimate podcast 001 by the very talented, captivating & enigmatic Romanian Dj and producer Posh a.k.a Dan Vlad who already has tracks played by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, RPR and Andrew Grant (to name a few). This podcast is an extraordinary mix and a beautiful journey that captures the effortless sense of panorama, cosmic strings, bold layers and outstanding display of different emotions whilst gradually proceeding into a tougher electronic territory which will leave you feeling positive and yearning for more. This podcast can be summed up in 3 words: Educating, Entertaining & Essential”

Release/catalogue number: Sonus Discis 001