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Collaborator and strictly friend of 320KB crew. He's studying sound-engineer in Milan

[WS-006] Lucretio – Competing Motivations

ws006Artist: Lucretio
Title: Competing Motivations
Cat.: [WS-006]
Label: Warm Sounds
Format: Vinyl 12”
Release: 2013

1. want
2. tell me
3. not music
4. the great fire
5. quash

Jackin analogue sounds on heavyweight vinyl.

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[RELATIVE010] Vinalog – Frames

relArtist: Vinalog
Title: Frames
Cat.: [RELATIVE010]
Label: Relative
Format: Vinyl 12”
Release: 2013

1. truck
2. sediments
3. acid choice
4. at the warehouse

analog Action on Vinyl

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[UZURI019] Whodat – The Recovery EP

uzuriArtists & Title: Whodat – The Recovery EP
Label: Uzuri
Catalogue#: UZURI019
Date: Jan. 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: UK


First Vinyl Release By Detroit Based Artist , Whodat .

Release info –

Ep Title -The Recovery Ep
Vinyl Release Date – 31st January 2013
Vinyl Distribution By –
Digital Release Date – 15th February 2013
Digital Distribution By –

Whodat is…
…more than a disc jockey. She’s an artist with a love for creating a safe space for the people who come to see her to just be. Over the past seven years, Whodat has touched audiences in the States, Europe and Canada with her jazz of house, funk, soul and a little bit in between.
Whodat is the owner of YDR313 2.0, a record store in Detroit , specializing in Detroit and Worldwide Independent and Underground vinyl releases .
For more on Whodat visit –

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[WS004] Mr. G – Pulze / Jamming (Raw Interpreter / EMG Remixes)

Artists & Title: Mr. G – Pulze / Jamming (Raw Interpreter / EMG Remixes) 
Warm Sounds
Dec. 2012
12″ Vinyl

Mr. G – Pulze
Mr. G – Pulze (The Raw Interpreter Remix)
Mr. G – Jamming
Mr. G – Jamming (EMG Remix)

Warm Sounds #4 comes courtesy of Mr. G, backed up with remixes by The Raw Interpreter and EMG. Raw analogue sounds, limited to 500 handnumbered copies. And to keep the sounds as warm as possible, this release is once again only available on vinyl.

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[LELEKA003] Ashes To Machines – Resistance

Ashes To Machines – Resistance
12″ Vinyl, marbled
 27 Aug 2012


Design by Masha Gonchar © Leleka 2012 – In his continuing quest to explore ever broader and more ambitious musical territories than those records from his existing, already expansive, yet still relatively young back catalogue have done, Konotops spiritual warrior Vakula brings us the latest installment of Leleka.

This time, it is with the aid of the pan global operation known as Ashes To Machines. Lionel Corsini (DJ Oil) & Jeff Sharel are true musical ambassadors, having travelled through more than 40 countries in the last 3 years. Encountering all manner of musicians and singers along the way, they all contribute their own spirit to the greater whole. Sounds of the African diaspora meet those of their European descendants, creating what can only truthfully be described as music of the Earth.
Remixes propel the organic sounding originals further towards the future, with Vakula, Ji Dru & Sandra Nkake and Juju & Jordash all adding their own unique interpretations, while equally showing the depth of understanding they all have for more esoteric musical forms. These are sounds which will never grow old, which will last as long as the planet itself and indeed beyond. Nevertheless, physical copies of this record will be limited – you would be well advised to buy now, or else miss your chance in years to come…

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Interview with “Miruga” (Ethereal Sound)


Wich elements have mostly influenced your musical attitude?
“I love a lot of kind of music . So I don’t listen to only dance music. But most influence for me is jazz , I think jazz is the birth of all kind of element of music.
My favorite label is “Strata east”, “Black jazz”,”Tribe”…Before I’ve met jazz & all kind of music spirit , I play hard music in term of noise.I thought noise was core & birth of music before rhythm. But I fall into surface of suicide because I love hard noise so much . I was killed by music once, but I got hope by spirit of music again. And I was really influenced by words of Carl Craig “revolutionary art is not determined by its avantgarde content”.

Japan is for european people a fantastic land to discover, all the dj want to play there, what can you say about clubbing in your country? how people get in touch with club music?
“Yes Japan is really fantastic land really. Once in Shibuya had so many Vinyl!!!!! So Japanese DJ collect so many kind of music !! & Japanese club scene , yes Tokyo is nice , but many local area have great club scene. For example , my hometown Nagano. there are many kind of music scene, Deep House, Techno, Hip Hop ,Reggae, Jazz, so many music lovers there.. & I respect my hometown Techno label “Human Race Nation” , this label provide quality techno, I really respect my senior…

How do you immagine the future of clubbing Yoshi?
“I love club , but most important thing I think is partying . All people are gathering & talking & feeling music , each communication is important I think…
Gathering is meeting , meeting is people to people , there are love . Future there must be love , because gathering is people to people ,there are feeling. If there are no love in clubbing , there are no hope in clubbing, I think.”

What kind of things make you satisfaied to make music and djing?

A common question, someone like to speak about that: what’s your opinion about differences between analogical and digital?
“I believe that there are spirit in analogical because analogical includes the air vibe. But digital , digital makes me to easier to editing all the thing.
Each way have each good way. But about the way Djing & all the performance , I think that mistake is really good happening , & there are maybe live thing… People say mistakes is not good , but mistake is most important thing in future, I think !!!

King Regards
Yoshiki Tsuchiya – Miruga

[REKIDS011LP] Mr. G – State Of Flux

Mr. G – State Of Flux
Catalog#: REKIDS011LP
Format: LP Vinyl
Country: London
Released: 16 July 2012

more on 

A1. One Year Later

B1. Dark Thoughts

C1. Remember This

Pause 4 Thought With You feat Garfield King

Mango Came Round

New Life

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[EXPERIETALLEARNING002] EMG – Sounds From Brussels

 EMG – Sounds From Brussels
Experiental Learning

Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //
Released: 11 June 2012


A2. Wavy

B1. Here

B2. Now

Special artwork vinyl only release, limited to 444 copies.

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[ES023] Miruga – Human Tube EP

 Miruga – Human Tube EP
 Ethereal Sound
Catalog#: [ES023]
Format: 10″ Vinyl
Country: Russia
Re leased: 30 June 2012

Human Tube

This Side Of Sunshine

Yoshiki Tsuchiya aka Miruga offering 2 deep numbers. Put the needle on the record when the song beats go like this.

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Ethereal Sound: Web // Soundcloud
Miruga: Soundcloud

[FB11] #. – Frozen Border 11

#. – Frozen Border 11
Frozen Border
Catalog#: FB11
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: UK
Released: May 2012




Raw minimal Detroit infected Techno

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