[LMML] O’ld Dog – “Beyond Belief” EP


Low Money Music Love started back in 2013 seeing it’s first release in the form of a VA featuring legendary Steve O’Sullivan sharing slots with O’ld Dog and Chop Suey. Fast forward to 2015 and we’re greeted by their fourth release by label owner Alexander Einetter and Diogo Magalhaes as O’ld Dog.


Ruten Moshi in it’s original shape takes off in a seemingly shy manner however don’t be fooled, it picks up momentum as the percussion scheme slowly begins to unfold very naturally. Organic pads and tribal mischief, reminiscent of Bruno Pronsato’s work hypnotise and lift the whole affair for most of it’s lengthy 15 minute duration but in no way can we say we felt a quarter of an hour pass by. Quite the opposite, as the moody pads and voice cuts slowly begin to take their full form, we are treated to a charming 5 minute ambient outro that could’ve stood by itself without too much effort, yet,Alexander and Diogo chose to masterfully and seamlessly integrated into what we can describe as one of their best pieces to date.


The flip side brings together a collaborative remix by Romanian heroes Cristi Cons and Lazar Cezar who, on their own, in various releases during the last 18 months proved themselves as more than able and witty as producers, but together excel at delivering a quite exquisite 10 minute interpretation of the original track. Looping eerie voice snippets, effective yet stripped percussion drive their effort until around the middle of the track when, seemingly out of nowhere, a lush, velvety delicate piano riff takes over and elevates the whole affair to a wonderfully subtle ethereal level. This first impression of Cristi and Cezar’s work in the studio together definitely showcases each of their strengths in a harmonious and effortless way and leaves us with a craving for more and more and more which hopefully, we’ll see in the near future.


As a whole, the record has something for everyone from discerning fans to crafty DJs and we can certainly say that we look forward to the label’s future endeavours as we have a feeling that we’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they’ll cook up next. LMML004 will soon be available in your favourite record shops.


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