.​.​NN2N2​.​. by V.I.C.A.R.I.

[PERL104] Binh – Perlon 104

Nicola Kazimir – Fractal Mind EP – Croisìere Musique 003


NETS003 Etienne “Airmetique”

[Eklo030] Seuil

LIZECAST 015 – by Junger

IFF by V.I.C.A.R.I.

(Flair A) Wahler Sound – Battatatata

[DAT0001] Voodoo Effect – Late In The Night (Incl. SSØN & TVJR Remix)

Credits: All music produced by Voodoo Effect. Remixed by Gunnar Vigosson and Tommy Vicari Jnr from Comfortable & Vanity Records (Sheffield – UK). Mastered at Ohm Guru Studio by Ohm Guru himself, 2014 (Bologna – IT) -DAT0001-

YAY Podcast #017 – Umberto 320KB

Smile & Stay High 03 With Dumbo

1980 by Adrian Carter

[Eclipser4] Tommy Vicari JNR – ECLIPSER 4

Tracklist: a1: cam to say a2: cha b1: priemas b2: the obsolete Credits: All served with pleasure. Vinyl Only! Tommy Vicari JNR brings us a great 4 tracker ep. Side A with flavoured house tunes. Side B with tech-house monsters.

[BREED02] Mr. G – BREED 02

Tracklist: a1: free fall b1: crab jerk Credits: Amazing record. Mr G on Kris Wadsworth very own label. There cant be a better mix! SUPERB jacking and grooving Mr G style. Cut and Mastering by CGB at Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin. BREED is owned and operated by Kris Wadsworth in Berlin. Written and produced … Continue reading

AB29 – Tommy Vicari Jnr ~ Eavesdrops

AB28 – The Plaintiff & Czevksi ~ The First ~ Umbo Club Cut

[RORA008] Rodraq – Arche EP

Tracklist: a1: arche b1: ben dover b2: nuages Credits: Refined dub meets analog noises. Twisted beats fluctuate still reach an overwhelming harmony. ARCHE, as * Origin* in Latin – the 8th release of RORA – subtly blends mystical echoes and bouncing resonances. A three tracks EP following the labels beliefs to promote unfamiliar artists of … Continue reading

[Neta002] Den – D AND V

Tracklist: a1: d and v a2: gottasay b1: midnight, wired b2: mad pierrots misery Credits: Japanese producer Den releases his second EP from his own label NETA. Den has previously released from Op.Disc run by Fumiya Tanaka and Radiq aka Yoshihiro Hanno, Trapez, Them, Multivitamin. The 4 tracks with his unique groove for all the … Continue reading

[LHR 12] Mandar – PEACE FORCE EP

Tracklist: a1: peace force b1: each time Credits: Brace yourself! Mandar is back on LHR and this time with two brand new full sided cuts soaked in epicness! Youll see that these records will have an unforgettable impact.

[ndatl012] Stefan Ringer – THE FIX EP

a1: the fix a2: ify ft. afua richardson b1: meagangood b2: mym b3: transitions Credits: NDATL cntinues with future talent Stefan Ringer aka REKchampa. After a chance meeting he submitted *The Fix* and the rest is the present! Featured at last years NDATLs annual DeepDetroit party *The Fix* was a highlight. The unique chord structure … Continue reading