Classic Man – No More Mind Games

1. a1: rapid winds (skips n beat dub)
2. a2: keepin on (the classic man mixdown)
3. a3: keepin on (hot new york mix)
4. b1: no mind games (mind altering mix)
5. b2: no mind games (waste no time mix)

That sparse, jazzy, soulful, early 90’s NYC edge is present in all the tracks here and the whole EP is solid from start to finish, all killer, no filler! Kicking things off, “Rapid Winds” is a vibe heavy, pad laden beauty that rolls along gently and touches all the right spots while the following 2 mixes of “Keepin On” chop up D-Train and Raw Silk vocal snippets into a bouncing organ driven banger, keeping the Disco spirit alive in true Garage fashion! Rounding out the EP is 2 storming alternate mixes of “No More Mind Games”, built around a vocal sample lifted from the accapella version of Quests classic “Mind Games”, used here to devastating effect alongside Gardiners deep vibes and choppy drums. Serious business. “No More Mind Games” has long been a sought after EP by discerning House lovers and is a true underground classic. Re-mastered and re-pressed here, for the first time, in conjunction with Nervous Records, NYC. Now’s your chance to own a copy of a forgotten club classic from the golden era of NYC House music.

[Office05] Baaz – Red Souvenirs

a2: endori
a3: spacehub
b1: closed
b2: tweeny tea
c1: glass voice
c2: pressyn
c3: anyway
d1: your wardrobe
d2: what if

There’s no overarching concept behind the album, nor any grandiose statements or artistic messages. Rather, Red Souvenirs captures flashes of Baaz’s moods and translates them into vibes that are communicated via hypnotic grooves, crisp beats, and astral synths. The tracks, which he made between 2010 and 2014, span the genres that have attracted Baaz the most over the years, from snappy house beats to narcotic dub techno and psychedelic hip-hop. Album opener “Everyone” is a mostly ambient tune peppered with glittering synth pricks, gentle rhythmic tick-tocks, and extended synth pads, while tracks like “Endori” and “Closed” are snappy deep house workouts with quiet, screwed-down vocal samples. “Spacehub” and “Pressyn,” on the other hand, explore languid hip-hop instrumentals embellished with zaps and long, gliding chords that hold for minutes on end. But no matter what form his productions take, Baaz’s emphasis on enveloping rhythms, bubbling melodies, and relaxed atmospherics remains.

[DPH1] Deep Choice ‎– Awakening From the Deep

R-6398270-1418245633-4202.jpegLabel: 320KB Music ‎– DPH1
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Italy
Released: 2014

Mastered By – Mathieu Berthet
Mixed By – Down Da Mountains Studio
Producer – Enrico Mantini

Undersound London – UNDERSOUND lab 003


Dear Undersounders,
After a long hiatus we are finally out with the third and final release of our net label, including 3 great tracks from Harry McCanna, Mattia Lapucci and Chris Geschwindner. We are extremely happy with the outcome of this EP, and would like to thank the artists for making their music available on our free download digital platform, as well as Noir&Son Recordings for their great support. You can download the EP on our Bandcamp page!
We will be back in 2015 with a lot more great music, this time on vinyl :)