[NDATL012] Stefan Ringer – The Fix EP

ndatlStefan Ringer – The Fix EP
 NDATL Muzik
Catalog#: NDATL012
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: USA
Released: 2014


NDATL continues with future talent Stefan Ringer aka REKchampa. After a chance meeting he submitted “The Fix” and the rest is the present! Featured at last year’s NDATL’s annual DeepDetroit party “The Fix” was a highlight. The unique chord structure & shuffling drums keep the crowd enthralled until the break that will make you remember “The Fix”. Stefan’s diversity is further shown in the quirky downtempo duet with vocalist Afua. The flip features the sexy aggressiveness of “Meagangood” inspired by the beauty of the same name. “MYM” debuted on Kai Alcé’s seminal Boiler Room set in London. This midtempo let’s u know by the end of the groove you’ll be his. “Transitions” wraps up this eclectic EP with sleazy cords & Quasimoto styled vocals and just enough bump! Pick this up as this is future classic! #WeOutHere


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