[Meander15] DEWALTA – Illumination

dewaltaArtists: DEWALTA
Title: Illumination
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: Meander
Cat.: Meander15
Release: 2014



Double vinyl DEWALTA album on Meander.
Unique, deep sounding long techno journeys from another planet.

– This album is available in 2 seperate parts. Part One comes in limited luxurious handmade screen-printed sleeves. Part Two comes with an inner sleeve and can be combined with Part One to built the full LP. –

Illumination is a record inspired by several physical phenomenons and relationships, quantum mechanics, space, darkness and light. It is a body of work focusing on complex sound frequency experimentations and illuminating questions around consciousness as well as awareness
– triggered by deep emotions about being a human – reacting to sound and music.
It works with subtle, clear kaleidoscopic musical textures and silhouettes triggered from an unknown place far out in the universe. Just as Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell has experienced the zen-like experience of seeing earth from space to a state of mind also known as the overview effect,
or Savikalpa Samadhi, some eastern philosophies address the same topic from a different angle. Two objects, even far apart from each other in space can be energetically entangled and connected. Darkness is absence of light. Life and energy is light.
Light is invisible until it surfaces. In the zero point sleeps all potential energy.
But above all now enjoy the music.



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