[unclear010] V.A. – A tribute to Klang Club

klangArtists: V.A.
Title: A tribute to Klang Club
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: unclear
Cat.: unclear010
Release: 2014


Unclear Records’ 10th release stands out as a landmark point for the Italian label: a tribute to the underground club Klang, it showcases some of the most acclaimed DJs who have graced the decks there, who came up with an exclusive track each for the compilation. Big names such as Roman Flugel, whose Candy Crack is filled with trippy sinister sounds and piano chords, and Baby Ford, who gives us a special dark atmospheric mix of Satellite Stroll, are featured next to Heartthrob (his Whoever, Whatever’s galloping bass line and acid synths brimming with freshness) and Okain (Livin Proof’s funky mood and sax make it a total dance floor number). Oliver Deutschmann has produced a masterpiece of obsessive rhythm with his very own Rytmetika. Closing off in grand style, the Fratelli Perrone officially debut as a duo with La Stanza Magica, a stomping number with wonderfully playful beats and melodies. During the summer of 2008, a group of friends who shared a passion for music gave life to a club that later on, unexpectedly, became an important platform for the growing revolution in modern Italian underground music. Even in a little town situated in the middle Tuscany, every Friday within this space they captured the essence of dance floor music and hosted artists from all over the world. As all stories have an end, this one concluded in 2013. But, as with all good stories, this one does not intend to be forgotten.


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