[TT002] John Dimas – Life On Mars EP

ttJohn Dimas – Life On Mars EP
Label: Taverna Tracks
Catalog#: TT002
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //
Released: 2014


Taverna Tracks 002


Vibration White Fingers – 10 Nights E​.​P


[WTM034] Masomanos – Le Serpent EP

wtmMasomanos – Le Serpent EP
Welcome To Masomenos
12″ Vinyl


Masomenos closing the summer with their own Le Serpent EP . Four typical outstanding quality tracks from the creative and arty label from Paris.
First track “follow me” is a cooperation with the female singer Khansa Batma and the guitar riffs of M’hamed El Menjra from Morocco.
second one “naza” with hypnotic experimental vocals of masomenos themselves. the flip side starts with the fabulous “abdouyoudo” track, straight grooving club track with drums and features of Wareika’s Jakob Seidensticker & Bardia Salour. with sick and crazy hardware synths comes the B2 called “bleep” and closes the EP.

VINYL 24.09.2014
DIGITAL 13.10.2014

[NDATL012] Stefan Ringer – The Fix EP

ndatlStefan Ringer – The Fix EP
 NDATL Muzik
Catalog#: NDATL012
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: USA
Released: 2014


NDATL continues with future talent Stefan Ringer aka REKchampa. After a chance meeting he submitted “The Fix” and the rest is the present! Featured at last year’s NDATL’s annual DeepDetroit party “The Fix” was a highlight. The unique chord structure & shuffling drums keep the crowd enthralled until the break that will make you remember “The Fix”. Stefan’s diversity is further shown in the quirky downtempo duet with vocalist Afua. The flip features the sexy aggressiveness of “Meagangood” inspired by the beauty of the same name. “MYM” debuted on Kai Alcé’s seminal Boiler Room set in London. This midtempo let’s u know by the end of the groove you’ll be his. “Transitions” wraps up this eclectic EP with sleazy cords & Quasimoto styled vocals and just enough bump! Pick this up as this is future classic! #WeOutHere

[SFT003] Roberto Clementi – Start Not Straight (incl. Steve O’ Sullivan’s Bluetrain slow Dub remix)

sft003Roberto Clementi – Start Not Straight (incl. Steve O’ Sullivan’s Bluetrain slow Dub remix)
Sorry For This!
Catalog#: SFT003
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Italy
Released: 2014



For it’s third release, Sorry For This Records welcomes Italian innovator Roberto Clementi to its stables, providing two lush cuts of deep techno and then invites Steve O’Sullivan to slow things down a little…
First up Clementi bring us Sedate Love, a throbbing club cruiser with a constantly evolving groovebox. Organically morphing pad play and analog percussion punctuate the rhythm stylistically whilst Roberto underpins the entire track with a thunderous, grooving sub bass! Whereas Start Not Straight, Clementi’s second offering is a thumping analog techno behemoth, underlaid rhythmically by bubbling acidic synthesis and resonant pad stabs.
Finally 90s UK dub techno legend Steve O’Sullivan once again breaks out the tape echo and dons his Bluetrain alias for a special ultra minimalistic dub version of Start Not Straight keeping the beats slow and the subs pitched even lower! Steve slowly releases heady passages of spoken word whilst giving the feedback on his delay unit a real workout! Real after hours stuff!

[Meander15] DEWALTA – Illumination

dewaltaArtists: DEWALTA
Title: Illumination
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: Meander
Cat.: Meander15
Release: 2014



Double vinyl DEWALTA album on Meander.
Unique, deep sounding long techno journeys from another planet.

– This album is available in 2 seperate parts. Part One comes in limited luxurious handmade screen-printed sleeves. Part Two comes with an inner sleeve and can be combined with Part One to built the full LP. –

Illumination is a record inspired by several physical phenomenons and relationships, quantum mechanics, space, darkness and light. It is a body of work focusing on complex sound frequency experimentations and illuminating questions around consciousness as well as awareness
– triggered by deep emotions about being a human – reacting to sound and music.
It works with subtle, clear kaleidoscopic musical textures and silhouettes triggered from an unknown place far out in the universe. Just as Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell has experienced the zen-like experience of seeing earth from space to a state of mind also known as the overview effect,
or Savikalpa Samadhi, some eastern philosophies address the same topic from a different angle. Two objects, even far apart from each other in space can be energetically entangled and connected. Darkness is absence of light. Life and energy is light.
Light is invisible until it surfaces. In the zero point sleeps all potential energy.
But above all now enjoy the music.