[TAR004] Dj Jes – Closer To Freedom

jesArtists & Title: Dj Jes – Closer To Freedom
Label: Tardis
Catalogue#: TARDIS004
Date: 2014
Format: 12″, Vinyl
Country: //

Closer To Freedom
B1 Echoes
B2 Difficult

If nothing else, Tardis Records is a vessel of friendship: a place where joint passions thrive. Thusly, Eli Verveine and Oscar Schubag have asked DJ Jes from Chicago to perform his West Coast-inflected house magic. The fourth release on the Zurich/Berlin based label embodies a unique style all Jes’ own: There’s that mesmerizing, dubby and tribalistic disposition, chromatic and slightly outside the box. Propelled by whipping drums and twisted moods, opener ‘Closer to Freedom’ proves to be an irresistible and cleverly-conceived shaker. ‘Echoes’ delves into acoustic space-time and dribbles by way of percussive straightforwardness. Last but not least, there’s that house tool called ‘Difficult”: a metallically clad and sharply hissing bass-monster, briefly steering into a save haven of jazzy chords. Three pieces to sweep you off your feet: thank you DJ Jes!.


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