[CMC154] Sundowners feat. Mystic Bill – Jungle Line


Artists & Title: Sundowners feat. Mystic Bill – Jungle Line
Label: CLassic Music Company
Catalogue#: CMC154
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: UK


Digital Release: 7th July
A re-issue from the Classic stable. This time a little something from early 90’s Chicago – Written by Mystic Bill and Carl Giamerese the record was a staple part of Luke Solomon and Kenny Hawkes’ DJ sets throughout the Girls FM and Bar Rumba / Space years.
Luke got in touch with Bill recently as he wanted to include it on his forthcoming ‘Unfinished Business’ compilation and after much getting to know one another it transpired that Bill was the only surviving member of the original production team. With that, both decided that it would be a fitting time to re-issue the record with a new re-master and new set of remixes.
Eats Everything literally begged Luke to remix the record with astounding results.
Luke then approached his dear friend Tristan De Cunha, one half of vinyl sensations Dungeon Meat alongside his partner in crime Brawther, to see if they would be up for giving the record a new school old school take – which they did with wondrous results.


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