[AMAM029] LoSoul – New Day EP


LoSoul – New Day EP
Catalog#: AMAM029
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //
Released: 2014


Requiring no introduction for techno/house enthusiasts, DJ/producer Peter Kremeier a.k.a. LoSoul, was one of the mainstays on Playhouse, the classic label collective based in his hometown of Frankfurt. Aside from playing clubs throughout Europe (Panorama Bar, Rex, etc.), he’s kept busy doing remixes, including one for Renato Figoli on AMAM, which Sven Väth later included on his Sound of the 14th Season mix and Kerri Chandler on Watergate 15. It’s surprising to realize, now, that he hasn’t released an EP of his own in nearly two years! No sweat—he’s back in action with New Day, comprising two finely tuned, 10-minute-plus sound sculptures that will add distinction to today’s discerning dancefloors.
“Below the Clouds” will not just move bodies but raise eyebrows with its undeniable sense of buildup and tension, like a storm forming overhead: Swarming around the thick, juicy house thump are electronic howls, menacing reverberations and metallic pads – this cut is for darker and deeper moments.
“Morning Birds” offers a stark contrast in mood; this time the commanding kick is built beneath a mélange of Francophile filter house, jazz-inflicted keys, and dewy atmospheric notes, all combining to form a euphoric haze. As the title implies, this track is especially suited for the early hours during sunrise, when night owls become early birds, ready for earworm breakfast. It’s a new dawn, it’s a New Day…



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