[SPLIT04] Mosaic – Split Series Part Four

Nail / Annie Errez – Split Series Part Four
Mosaic Split Series
Catalog#: SPLIT04
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //
Released: 2014


Part Four in the series sees Mosaic return to its signature sound of the late 90‘s : deep techno-tinged house.
First up is UK house legend Nail , who was in hiding in London and Suffolk for a while , but is now back in his bunker in Nottingham making music once again.
His offering, “Pharoah,” was created on Boxing Day 2013 especially for Mosaic and contains all the hallmarks of classic Nail productions of the 90‘s whilst maintaining a foot firmly in the present. If you like your house deep and sample heavy this cut is definitely worth checking out…
On the flip we have two tracks from newcomer Annie Errez. Annie is a resident DJ at the Mint Club in Leeds and has been developing her production skills over the last few years with appearances on Holic Trax , Saints & Sonnets as well as a very fine release on Strobewax which she co-runs with fellow Mint Club resident Bobby O’Donnell.
If deep techno- house is your cup of tea then put the kettle on and listen to the sublime “Bell Curve” and the dubbed out bass monster that is ‘Auguste.” We are sure that you will agree that there is no doubt that she will be a producer to keep an eye on in the future …


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