[DMT02] Dungeon Meat – Lose Your Mind EP

dm02Artists & Title: Dungeon Meat – Lose Your Mind EP
Label: Dungeon Meat
Catalogue#: DMT02
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: UK


After dropping the hammer with Blunt Instruments killer Hold Back Ep, Dungeon Meat are back again debuting on their own label with the brain mincing Lose Your Mind Ep .
Both sides deliver big swings of their mighty axe and hit hard with their signature sound of meaty beats & beefy basslines . Aimed straight at the dance floor it’s obvious both these tracks have the intention to crack some skulls and spill some brains . Already vigorously road tested by Tristan da Cunha and Brawther at their D.J gigs & their D.M live show , the reactions have shown that both of these tracks hit the chest and do the damage. As usual though we won’t bother describing them , breaking tracks down to each part and trying to use words where they usually fail …. instead we’ll let the music do the talking.
Also included are two “tools” so the creative DJ’s out there can get busy in the mix and give their sets a little meat injection. Again you vinyl lovers are treated to deluxe 180gram slab of the black stuff & embossed company sleeve dressed to impress with the trademark Dungeon Meat artwork .


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