[SPLIT03] Mosaic – Split Series Part Three

mosaicEd Davenport / Ozka – Split Series Part Three
Mosaic Split Series
Catalog#: SPLIT03
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: /
Released: 2014


The next instalment of this nine part series sees Mosaic take a diversion into darker techno territory with contributions from Ed Davenport, Aubrey and Ozka.
Over the last few years Ed has been quietly gaining respect from those who like their house splashed with a good dose of techno. The Berghain regular’s “Bloodchild” rides the fine line between both genres perfectly with a dark twisted bass line driven groove and eerie vocal line that typifies his unique sound.
Next up is Aubrey who has provided a storming techno monster of a remix of Ed Davenport’s unreleased “Islands.” A very welcome return to the label after a 17 year break and when seen alongside his recent Ostgut Ton, Ferox and Metroplex appearances it is no wonder that people are calling 2014 his best year yet.
Belgian techno wizkid David Nizet (aka Ozka) provides the closing track to the EP. Despite having recorded for the likes of Dave Angel’s Rotation and Mowar this guy has been bubbling under the radar for some time . With forthcoming contributions to John Beltrans Dado and Arne Weinberg’s Diametric coming up we are sure his talent won’t go unnoticed for much longer . Check out the wonderful bass line driven dub-stab-fest he has given us in “Thirteen years” if you have any doubts!


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