[SHY110] Ezra Osborn – Savage Skeelo EP

ezraArtists & Title:  Ezra Osborn – Savage Skeelo EP
Label: Shadow Hide You
Catalogue#: SHY110
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl


” We are so happy to finally announce our first release on Shadow Hide You.
Our intention with this brand is not to please everyone, but rather those who knows. This first release is a statement of this matter. Its a statement towards those hunters out there who breathe the same music we do. Its a message to them of what to expect from us in the future. You know, for them this beauty is no news.

The infameous edit of “Savage Skeelo” was first released on a Canadian Various Artists record, back in 2006. It got broad recognition among the highest echelons of djing Even the record is “rare” and expensive today, we thought Ezra deserved more attention for his effort. The popularity for it until recent has shown that this gem is timeless, and we thought it deserves a full release. To complete the package we have put the happy and slightly fucked track: “Listen to the Bassline” on the b side. This is a funky repetitive house track which has been a personal secret weapon for years. he produced it together with local homie “Giano”.




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