[SFT002] 0101 – Try To Kuchuka

sft0020101 – Try To Kuchuka
Sorry For This!
Catalog#: SFT002
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Italy
Released: 2014


A1 – Try to Say (original mix) – 0101 begins perfectly in the peak time with ‘Try to Say’, a cleverly-constructed jam for fans of minimalist club experimentation. 0101 places soft melodic keys atop a percussive backbone, which pumps out dynamically programmed drum patterns throughout.

A2 – Try to Say (Strictly Jaz Unit Future Shock RMX)
– ‘Try to Say’ is remixed by SJU, an alias of Boo Williams and Glenn Underground, who introduce a bubbling, acidic interpretation. Classic analog drums match perfectly the synthesised wobbles that float gently beneath the surface before breaking out truly into sweet psychedelic space flight.

B1 – Kuchukua (original mix)
– Finally across the whole B side is Kuchukua, a pensive, inward looking cut rich in lush textural auras, glowing keys and rhythmic echo’s. Right from the start piercing hi-hats punch right through the mix before a deep bassline rolls us gently into the groove keeping things moving throughout!

Landed on Earth in 2012, he’s immediately fascinated by the wonders of this planet: Fire, Air, Earth and Water conquer him and convince 0101 to adapt to this ecosystem. But what really stole 0101’s heart is the SOUND. Anything that causes vibrations, resonances and sounds, 0101 is able to turn it into music…a hypnotic music, percussive and with an unusual tone. Nothing is known about 0101, name, age and not even where he comes from, but… ”trust in music, it is the answer”.



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