[PTX008] Pressure Traxx 008

trax2Pressure Traxx 008
Label: Pressure Traxx
Catalog#: PTX008
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Released: 2014


PTX 008 ▪️ out end of February 2014


A1. Frost & Einzelkind – “Bye Honey”
A2. Einzelkind – “VEX”
B. Frost & Julien Bracht – “Minuteman”


More information about PTX 008 is coming soon, so don’t miss it:
www.facebook.com/PressureTraxx ▪️ www.twitter.com/PressureTraxx


PTX 008 is written by:
Frost ▪️ bit.ly/1gGJAUr
Einzelkind ▪️ on.fb.me/1gGJoVc
Julien Bracht ▪️ on.fb.me/Khz0YM


Distributed worldwide by www.dbh-music.com


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