[DOG1205] Peace Division – Club Therapy Remixes


Artists & TitlePeace Division – Club Therapy Remixes
Label: Dogmatik
Catalogue#: DOG1205
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: London


Peace Division’s “Club Therapy” is, for my sins, my favourite ever club track. It’s a triumph of simplicity, from Dan Diamond’s telephone-filtered vocal bemoaning club culture’s poseurs, to the growling bassline, which rasps through drums that land like a Manny Pacquáio jab. Since Peace Division’s split, their back catalogue has been revisited a handful of times, and this package follows a 2012 rework of the equally anthemic “Blacklight Sleaze” which, while interesting, failed to scale the original’s scuzzy heights. These offerings similarly fall a little short.

With Dan Ghenacia rubbing elbows in the same DC10 circles as Peace Division’s Clive Henry, he’s an obvious choice to tackle “Club Therapy.” It is, though, a neutered beast, buffing the original’s corroded edges to an Ibiza-friendly sheen, and rolling Deacon’s vocal over a marshmallowy sub that dulls its bite. Red Rack’em’s take is more interesting, a multi-segmented creature that slices up the original and scatters its vocal and pads across spacious synths, playing peekaboo with the most recognisable elements as they pop up then suddenly disappear. It’s a more nuanced and better-executed exercise in remixing a classic. 


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