[FOFVIN7] Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – Raw Moves

fofArtists & Title: Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – Raw Moves
Label: Fear Of Flying
12″ Vinyl
Country: London
Released: 2013

2. mr magpie
3. 8 minute abs
4. hammer top logo
5. raw moves
6. clive
7. analog systems
8. raw circuits
9. beppe

Fear of Flying kick off the new year with the next instalment in their vinyl only series, enlisting the talents of Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod. >Cyberg< has an atmosphere so thick you can cut it with a knife, a vocoded vocal and haunting pads imbuing the track with a distinct 4am feel. >Mr Magpie< ups the ante slightly with swung percussion and fx. The lofty kick drum and twinkling synths of >8 Minute Abs< and the subtle deep houser >Hammer Top Logo\ feature on the B side. The second disc comprises of >Raw Moves<, a rough and ready analogue jam and the dawn chorus of >Clive< whilst a trio of ambient skits, >Analogue Systems<, >Raw Circuits< and >Beppe< round things off nicely.


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