[R2PRI001] Idjut Boys – Reggae Suicide


Artists & Title: Idjut Boys – Reggae Suicide
Rue de Plaisance
12″ Vinyl

Idjut Boys & Laj ‘not Reggae’ Beats N Bass Mix 
A2. Idjut Boys & Laj ‘not Reggae’ David K Mix 
B1. Idjut Boys & Laj ‘not Reggae’ Varoslav Mix 
B2. Idjut Boys & Quakerman ‘suicide Lover’ 

We feel very honored to present our new baby Rue De Plaisance-Re Issue to the world. We’re starting this project to re-release some of our favorite tracks from back in the days, as we believe they need to be made known to the new and upcoming generation. These are our rOOtz. For our first opus we have invited from the UK the infamous duo “Idjut Boys” who surely have much to offer with over 20 years of releasing contemporary dance music all over the globe. For our first Issue we chose their track “Not Reggae” supported by forward thinking mixes by Varoslav and David K who pushed those classics to another level. We hope, all of you, will enjoy this new project as much as we do. Quality timeless music on vinyl…

Get your copy!


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