[SPC05] V/A – Planetary Resources Vol. 1


Artists & Title:  V/A – Planetary Resources Vol. 1
Label: Space
Catalogue#: SPC05
Date: 2013
Format: 12″
Country: //


Myles Sergé’s SPACE imprint is back with it’s 5th and 6th release “V/A Planetary Resources”. The 2 volume vinyl compilation highlights some of the best techno producers on the planet. Vol. 1 features music from AUBREY (Dot Records), Mattia Trani (Pushmaster Disc), Myles Sergé (Säure Music Group), and D’Funk (Elektek Recordings).
SPC06: V/A – Planetary Resources Vol. 2, featuring music from D Knox, Patrick Gil, Steevio, and Max_M will be coming shortly after.
Mastered by D’Funk
 – elektekproductions@live.co.uk
Label design by PHREK at Etherimage – 
Distributed by Decks Records –

Get your copy!


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