Label: Wilson Records
Catalog#: WLS06
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Italy
Released:  2013



“You’d think it’d get harder for Wilson head honcho, Fabio Monesi to keep achieving the same level of refinement with each release he puts on, But truth be told is that he simply just glides right over it with the third part of the spectacular underground warriors imprint.
Bringing on the heavy weight all-stars FABIO MONESI, TRANSITIVE ELEMENTS aka ENRICO MANTINI, JAMES JOHNSTON, UPSWING PROJECT aka ALEX AGORE the 90’s revival movement doesn’t look like it’ll will go anywhere soon when a release of this caliber pops out.
The expression of the first track with its cry out ‘put it on wax’, somehow manages to claw back in time and capture the raw sound that dominated the true pioneering house sounds of days gone.
Repetition is a virtue and it comes in beautiful fashion; the looped vocals, those crisp jutting hi hats and kicks just ooze dance appeal throughout.
The sheer diversity ranging from the disco grooves of the final track to the idiocentric take on early electronic sounds complimented with the accompaniment of the softly weaved vocals are anything but a mere triumph for sound.
The sheer brilliance is made clear with the brass arrangement pointing to the disco days and at what a time it comes at!

You can’t not love it! Summer is here.”

Suthan Logan.

Get your copy soon!


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