[HY008] Jordan Fields – Ana’s Dream EP

Artists & Title
Jordan Fields – Ana’s Dream EP
Label: Hold Youth
Catalogue#: HY008
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Paris


The prolific 90’s house producer, carving out a sound somewhere between disco and Chicago, Jordan Fields is the latest pioneering artist to press on the ever-accelerating Parisian label, Hold Youth.Esteemed for productions on the legendary Headphoniq, Track Mode, Aroma, and Brothers’ Vibe’s SOM Recordings, Fields marked a new epoch with ‘Boxbeater’ EP released on Rush Hour last year. Back for more ‘Ana’s Dream’ is a well varied 4-track package, travelling through solid disco-house, to the outright unclassifiable, to the more floaty and serene. Vinyl experts Le Loup and Seuil AKA Hold Youth, approached Fields initially for a repress of a forgotten gem ‘Garage Daze Revisited’. Embracing nostalgia for their musical roots but all the while conscious of pushing things forward, their modern touch comes in the form of a new extended edit Fields made at their special request.Title track ‘Ana’s Dream’ equally brings out the best of the old to create an outstanding new. A previously unreleased production from a young and experimental Jordan Fields, its dirty, raw sound is down to the exclusive edit being made from the original cassette tape.To top off each side of the vinyl, two brand new tracks commissioned for the label — the uplifting and catchy vocals on ‘What Your Mind Can Conceive’ makes it the perfect summer warmer, while ‘Blue Pacific’ transports you somewhere deep and murky for an altogether more psychedelic experience.

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