[FOFVIN6] Various Artists – Various Artists Volume 3 EP

Artists & Title: Various Artists – Various Artists Volume 3 EP Label: Fear Of Flying Recordings Catalogue#: FOFVIN6 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: UK Tracklist: Credits: Nail provides the lead track for FOF’s latest vinyl only excursion – originally produced in the same time period as the classic tracks on the ‘Ode Rammel’ reissue ep earlier in the year, ‘Glazed’ lay … Continue reading

[TU008] Enrico Mantini ‎– Slave To My Concept EP

Artists & Title: Enrico Mantini ‎– Slave To My Concept EP Label: Traxx Underground Catalogue#: TU008 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ita Tracklist: A1. Dont Think About It A2. Lost In A Beat B1. Ecstasy B2. Get Into Da Muzik Credits: Recorded and mixed at Down Da Mountains Studio (IT) in June 2013 – SIAE Copyright Control. Special thanks to Samann, … Continue reading

[HY009] Monsieur Georget – Jour de Fête EP

Artists & Title: Monsieur Georget – Jour de Fête EP Label: Hold Youth Catalogue#: HY009 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Tracklist: Credits: A 4-track package traversing house and techno. First up Jour de Fete, a reference to the black and white 1940’s French comedy – perhaps a clue to Mr Georget… One thing’s for sure this is toe-tapping house. Taking … Continue reading

[POINCIANA] Poinciana – Dire Consequences (original)

Artists & Title: Poinciana – Dire Consequences (original) Label: Poinciana Records Catalogue#: no Date: 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: USA Tracklist: Credits: released 25 June 2013 Composed/Produced by Poinciana 2013 tags: electronic Virginia Get your copy!

[BJ1] Brett Johnson – Indian In My Faucet

Label: BJ Artists: Brett Johnson Catalog#: BJ1 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: // Released: 2013 Tracklist: Off we go with some proper house music: four deep rumpshakers by Brett Johnson (Dallas) of Panhandle, Aesoteric and Seasons fame. >Self service< is the more energetic cut and is guaranteed to rock while >Perception<, >Heartbeats< (with Demarkus Lewis) and >We re gonna move< are … Continue reading

[SUSH26] Steve O’Sullivan ‎– Bluetrain Retrospective

Label: Sushitech Artists: Steve O’Sullivan Catalog#: SUSH026 Format: 3 × Vinyl, 12″ Country: Berlin Released: 2013 Tracklist: A1 Moving Forward B1 Midnight Creeper (Extended) B2 Where’s Burt? (Short Edit) Co-producer – Ben Sims C1 Inside Out D1 Special Edition (Reshape) D2 Version Blue (Edit) E1 Stripped E2 Diminishing Returns (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub) Co-producer – Dean DeCosta F1 Don’t Rush The Dub F2 … Continue reading

[SHB002] Nail – Yonks

Artists & Title: Nail – Yonks Label: Shabby Doll Records Catalogue#: SHB002 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Sheffield Tracklist: Credits: Nail with his 2nd Ep on Sheffield’s Shabby Doll label. Another strong release by Nail with 4 tracks that do grab back to the good old house feeling of the early Nineties. Not talking organs and ”House Is A Feeling” or … Continue reading

[KARAT52] Ark & Pit Spector – Les Révoltés Du Booty

Artists & Title: Ark & Pit Spector – Les Révoltés Du Booty Label: Karat Catalogue#: KARAT52 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Tracklist: Credits: KARAT52 ARK et PIT SPECTOR “Les révoltés du booty” Brothers are on the wheels! We can call it a funky family! 4 delightful & demoniac house tracks to rush any kind of place. if you like house … Continue reading

[EDREAMS007] A Sagittarium – Rapid Ear Movement EP

A Sagittarium – Rapid Ear Movement EP Label: Elastic Dreams Catalogue#: EDREAMS007 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Tracklist: Credits: Out June 2013 on 12″ vinyl (E-DREAMS007) Includes remix by Terrace (AKA Stefan Robbers) Get your copy!

[RANDFORM002] Cabanne – Cercle Concentrique

Cabanne – Cercle Concentrique Label: Randform Catalogue#: RANDFORM002 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Tracklist: Credits: VINYL ONLY / NO REPRESS New Studio1 inspired ultra-minimal techno project by Cabanne Get your copy!


Platform: Soundcloud Title: Paranoid Profile: Bedtime Techno Stories Date: 2013 Time: 1:47:39

Interview with: Frost (PRESSURE TRAXX)

With our blog we got the chance to see the birth of Pressure Traxx. We followed it since your first release and we see it developing, so we have some curiosity to satisfy :) – Before this project we never heard anything about you. What did you do before? How does it start the collaboration … Continue reading

[DER012] Michael Melchner – Form Follows Function EP

Michael Melchner – Form Follows Function EP Label: doeasyrec Catalogue#: DER012 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Tracklist: Credits: After This Sublime Achievement Of Voigtmann On Our Last Ep, This Time Our Dear Friend Michael Melchner Is Introducing His Vision On Our Viennese Imprint. Get your copy soon!

Scott Grooves – BitterSweet / Modified Suede

Scott Grooves – BitterSweet / Modified Suede Label: Wild Oats Catalogue#: // Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Tracklist: A1.Morris Code A2.Bitter Sweet B1.C Track Credits: This is Wild Oats Music first distribution project, one of few to come for 2013. There is so much quality electronic music being created in the city of Detroit and not all of it … Continue reading

[FOOM001] Archangel – The Bedroom Slant (Part One)

Artists & Title: Archangel – The Bedroom Slant (Part One) Label: Foom Music Catalogue#: FOOM001 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Tracklist: Credits: Archangel is the new project by Bruno Pronsato. The first part of the trilogy will be released in September on new label Foom Music. It will be available on 12″ vinyl and various digital formats. Tracklisting: 1. Half-Man … Continue reading

[BAD002] Eduardo de la Calle – Mystic EP

Artists & Title: Eduardo de la Calle – Mystic EP Label: Badance Catalogue#: BAD002 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Tracklist: Credits: Mystic Ep is made by one of the most confidential producers in Spain. His rarity and his value are like a noble metal : Eduardo De La Calle sounds are warm, elegant and meticulously cuted. Eduardo De La … Continue reading

Roiss&Nicolae – gin stories*

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Roiss&Nicolae – gin stories* Profile: Roiss Date: 2013 Time: 3:01:09 Credits: friday afternoon mix… :)

ZU::BAR podcast #001 | Francesco Del Garda

Platform: Soundcloud Title: ZU::BAR podcast #001 | Francesco Del Garda Profile: Zu::bar Date: 2013 Time: 00:58:21 Credits: ZU::BAR podcast episode 001 is finally online. Proudly presenting our new resident: FRANCESCO DEL GARDA [ Jesus Loved You // ZU::BAR ] :::FREE DOWNLOAD::: Classe 1978, Francesco Del Garda scopre il suo amore per la musica elettronica all’età di sedici anni. Inizia ad … Continue reading

[POINCIANA] Poinciana – 47​​:​​350​​:​​16

Artists & Title: Poinciana – 47​​:​​350​​:​​16 Label: Poinciana Records Catalogue#: no Date: 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: USA Tracklist: Credits: // Get your copy!

[COMFORTABLE] Vibration White Finger – ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Artists & Title: Vibration White Finger – ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Label: Comfortable Records Catalogue#: no Date: 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: Sheffield Tracklist: Credits: released 30 May 2013 tags: dub electronic house sheffield uk techno vinyl Amsterdam Get your copy!

[PNR003] Pluie/Noir – Year One Compilation

Artists & Title: Pluie/Noir – Year One Compilation Label: Pluie/Noir Catalogue#: PNR003 Date: 2013 Format: 3x 12″ Vinyl Country: Lisboa Tracklist: Credits: “There is certainly no shortage of independent record labels today, each promising to deliver their own unique brand dance music, but few truly stand out like Portugal’s Pluie/Noir. In a definitive first year it has released two exceptional EPs from … Continue reading

[MUS008] Alex Picone – Minimalism Get Complex EP

[MUS008] Alex Picone – Minimalism Get Complex EP Label: MUS Records Catalog#: MUS008 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: // Released: 2013 Tracklist: A1. Surrealist B1. Fiction B2. Abstract Credits: // Get your copy


[WLS06] UNDERGROUND WARRIORS EP Part.3 Label: Wilson Records Catalog#: WLS06 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: Italy Released:  2013 Tracklist: Credits: “You’d think it’d get harder for Wilson head honcho, Fabio Monesi to keep achieving the same level of refinement with each release he puts on, But truth be told is that he simply just glides right over it with the … Continue reading

[TRESOR262] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland

[TRESOR262A] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 1/3 [TRESOR262B] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 2/3 [TRESOR262C] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 3/3 Label: Tresor Catalog#: TRESOR262A-B-C Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Berlin Released: 2013 Tracklist: [TRESOR262A] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 1/3 A. Electric Garden (Original Mix) B. Electric Garden … Continue reading

Ricardo Villalobos & Rhadoo (BOMB part2) @ Sunwaves 13 AfterAfterparty (Udopiya)

[DS005] Orazio Fantini – The Medium Raw EP

Orazio Fantini – The Medium Raw EP Label: Deep Series Catalog#: DS005 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Berlin Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: Despite the fact that he has been producing house music for a long time, this is Orazio Fantinis first feature release. This Canadian musician is a jazz enthusiast, but his true passion lies in House music. He comfortably moves … Continue reading

[CGTX002] Gemini – Swimmin Wit Sharks EP

Artists & Title: Gemini – Swimmin Wit Sharks EP Label: Chiwax Classic Edition Catalogue#: CGTX002 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Frankfurt Tracklist: Credits: // Get your copy!

[HY008] Jordan Fields – Ana’s Dream EP

Artists & Title: Jordan Fields – Ana’s Dream EP Label: Hold Youth Catalogue#: HY008 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Tracklist: Credits: The prolific 90’s house producer, carving out a sound somewhere between disco and Chicago, Jordan Fields is the latest pioneering artist to press on the ever-accelerating Parisian label, Hold Youth.Esteemed for productions on the legendary Headphoniq, Track Mode, Aroma, … Continue reading

[ML02] Dani Casarano, Tofu Productions Remix – Melisma Limited 02

Dani Casarano, Tofu Productions Remix – Melisma Limited 02 Label: Melisma Limited Catalog#: ML02 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: // Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: // Get your copy!

Ricardo Villalobos & Rhadoo ♪♫@ Sunwaves 13 “OUT OF TIME” Afterparty !!!- Mamaia 06.05.2013 (part1)