[SHB001] Nail – Donks

NAILArtists & Title: Nail – Donks
Shabby Doll Records
Catalogue#: SHB001
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Sheffield


Nail is Nottingham-based Neil Tolliday, a producer who spent the last decade creating deep downtempo joy as one half of Bent – their debut album ‘Programmed to Love’ helped ease the world’s ills back in 2000.
With love for Nail’s solo manoeuvres truly reignited, Sheffield’s Shabby Doll label is taking the next step with his first new solo material for years. Called ‘Donks’, Nail’s new four-track EP will be released in May 2013, showcasing his flawless dancefloor instincts:

– PersonalEdit
It’s early evening and the lights have yet to be dimmed. There are faces you know, people you love and smiles everywhere you look. PersonalEdit is relaxed house with gladness in its beating heart.

– Feet Boutique
Pounding and percussive, Feet Boutique darkens the room and deepens the mood.

– Hey Baby
There’s something deliciously seductive about this early hours charmer. One to play when things are getting wonderfully weird…

– Never4gEdit
…and finally, Never4gEdit brings back the sunshine with some sweet, melody-flecked disco.

With Nail’s vintage house output currently proving to have real staying power, his new tracks are eagerly awaited by lovers of real British house music. So if you’ve got a dark room and a feeling, let Nail, Shabby Doll and ‘Donks’ add a little magic to the night.

Get your copy soon!


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