[NeoStrictly003] ZPH – Harap EP

Artists & Title: ZPH – Harap EP Label: NeoStrictly Catalogue#: NeoStrictly003 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Frankfurt Tracklist: Credits: Slamming deep hypnotic Techno + free download code for bonus track Get your copy! Advertisements

Rejam Radio Show – Roy Koch Guest Mix – 22/05/2013

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Rejam Radio Show – Roy Koch Guest Mix – 22/05/2013 Profile: Rejam Radio Show Date: 2013 Time: 0:58:29

[KARAT51] V.A. – EP#51

Artists & Title: V.A. – EP#51 Label: Karat Catalogue#: KARAT51 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Tracklist: Credits: KARAT51 Various artists / the mole, philippe cam, master muzikbox, sucré salé Please presents this new split ep with a part of the karat family. The Mole already released a track on a past compilation, he’s coming back with a nice built up … Continue reading

[PERLON94] The Mole – History Of Dates

The Mole – History Of Dates Label: Perlon Catalog#: PERLON94 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Berlin Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: 2 Original Versions Plus A Remix By Terre Thaemlitz A.k.a. Dj Sprinkles. Get your copy!

[HB002] Mike Shannon – East Side Slip EP

Artists: Mike Shannon Title: East Side Slip Ep Format: Vinyl Only Label: Half Baked Records Cat.: HB002 Release: 27-May-2013 Tracklist: Credits: After its first installment, Half Baked Records is back with a stellar Ep where two milestones of the underground electronic music scene collide: Mike Shannon and Thomas Melchior. The original cut, crafted by Mr. … Continue reading

[MINMAX1LP] Various Artists – MINMAX 1

Artists & Title: Various Artists – MINMAX 1 Label: Minus Catalog#: MINMAX1LP Format: 3xVinyl, 12″, EP Country: D Released: 2013 Tracklist: mathew jonson – metropolis valentino kanzyani – bobby on drums jonni darkko – close hobo – incise gaiser – trashbend julian jeweil – yoko joran van pol – faded tripmastaz – tyree 4yo4u – daily faces justin james – song so … Continue reading

[AS-05] Voigtmann – Anticlockwise EP

Artists & Title: Voigtmann – Anticlockwise EP Label: Assemble Music Catalog#: AS-05 Format: Vinyl, 12″, EP Country: Portugal Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: (Assemble Music 05) Soon.. Get your copy soon!

[POINCIANA] Poinciana – Claire

Artists & Title: Poinciana – Claire Label: Poinciana Records Catalogue#: no Date: 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: USA Tracklist: Credits: released 23 May 2013 Composed/Produced by Poinciana 2013 tags: electronic USA Get your copy!

[COMFORTABLE] Vibration White Finger – Viddim Tk 50

Artists & Title: Vibration White Finger – Viddim Tk 50 Label: Comfortable Records Catalogue#: no Date: 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: Sheffield Tracklist: Credits: ©VWF2013 from COMF SINGLES / NEW TRAX / DEMO, released 10 June 2020 tags: dub electronic house sheffield uk techno vinyl Amsterdam Get your copy!  

[ND-05] Mark Ernestus presents “Jeri-Jeri” – Gawlo

[ND-05] Mark Ernestus presents “Jeri-Jeri” – Gawlo Label: Ndagga Format: 12″ Vinyl Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: Gawlo is a rolling, resplendent tribute to griot life — ‘gawlo’ is Fula for ‘griot’ — spear-headed by none other than Baaba Maal. Superbly expressive interjections by a trio of talking drums are especially lucid on the instrumental Version. On the flip, … Continue reading

[VCLUB019] Faster – Self Image

[VCLUB019] Faster – Self Image Label: Vinyl Club records Format: 12″ Vinyl Released: 2013 Tracklist: A1: Finished Portrait A2: Medical B: Destul De Departe Credits: Vinyl Only. Release Number 19 Of Vinyl Club Recordings Who Welcomes The Young And Talented Romanian Faster Onboard Get your copy!

[CAB34] Cab Drivers – Droped Eye

[CAB34] Cab Drivers – Droped EyeLabel: Cabinet RecordsFormat: 12″ VinylReleased: 2013 Tracklist:1. Droped Eye2. Beatnight 773. Erstwurf Zweiter Credits:R u ready for the next ride with the Cab Drivers? Welcome aboard! Here you go: Dancefloor approved music from the Cab Drivers live show. Get your copy!

[BLIQ07] Exos – Q-box Vol.2

Artists & Title: Exos – Q-box Vol.2 Label: Bliq Catalogue#: BLIQ07 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: London Tracklist:

Synthesise podcast #003 – Umberto 320KB

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Synthesise podcast #003 – Umberto 320KB Profile: Synthesise Date: 15 May 2013 Time: 01:05:03

[COMFORTABLE] Jerome Thomas – FacePalm

Artists & Title: Jerome Thomas – FacePalm Label: Comfortable Records Catalogue#: no Date: 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: Sheffield Tracklist: Credits: Produced by Jerome Thomas 4 Comfortable Records 2013 from COMF SINGLES / NEW TRAX / DEMO, track released 15 May 2013 tags: dub electronic house sheffield uk techno vinyl Amsterdam  Buy traxx!

Presence Podcast #1 – Michel

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Presence Podcast #1 – Michel Profile: Presence Amsterdam Date: 9 May 2013 Time: 01:11:31 Credits: For our first podcast we have the one and only Michel, one of Amsterdam’s finest record collectors. Michel has been collecting and playing vinyl since 2010 and has managed to build up a style of his own exploring the many boundaries of … Continue reading

[SOUL001] Kashawar & Nu Zau – Soul One

Artists & Title: Kashawar & Nu Zau – Soul One Label: Soulon Catalogue#: SOUL001 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Moscow Tracklist: A1. Kashawar – To The People A2. Kashawar – Nightwalk B1. Nu Zau – Dineu Cu Surzi Credits: Get your copy soon!

[FA06] L’estasi Dell’Oro / Ozka – L’estasi D’Ozka

Artists & Title: L’estasi Dell’Oro / Ozka – L’estasi D’Ozka Label: Flaneur Audio Catalogue#: FA06 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: NY Tracklist: Credits: The new split 12″ released on Flaneur Audio comes from label owner L’estasi Dell’oro, alongside two soaring grooves by the Belgian hero named Ozka. Available to purchase on vinyl beginning the end of May from all fine record establishments … Continue reading

Blessthismess Session : Francesco Del Garda B2B Niff

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Blessthismess Session : Francesco Del Garda B2B Niff Profile: Blessthismess Date: 12 May 2013 Time: 01:59:28 Credits: Clap On The Beat Radio Show #6: Blessthismess 2 Hours Session:FrancescoDelGardaB2BNiff Radioattiva.net,Clap On The Beat,Blessthismess. Follow Us On Facebook! Release/catalogue number: Clap On The Beat Radio Show #6  

[POINCIANA] Poinciana – Lowers

Artists & Title: Poinciana – Lowers Label: Poinciana Records Catalogue#: no Date: 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: USA Tracklist: Credits: released 10 May 2013 Composed/Produced by Poinciana 2013 tags: electronic USA Get your copy!

[COMFORTABLE] Thorsteinssøn – Tell Me Something

Artists & Title: Thorsteinssøn – Tell Me Something Label: Comfortable Records Catalogue#: no Date: 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: Sheffield Tracklist: Credits: Short Promo Version / Not for sale from COMF SINGLES / NEW TRAX / DEMO, released 10 June 2020 Buy traxx!

Nudge @ Sweetness – 30.04.013

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Nudge @ Sweetness – 30.04.013 Profile: Sweetness (YAY!) Date: 30 Apr. 2013 Time: 01:20:29 Credits: a cut from Nudge djset @ Sweetness – 30.04.013 (Varese – IT)

[SHB001] Nail – Donks

Artists & Title: Nail – Donks Label: Shabby Doll Records Catalogue#: SHB001 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Sheffield Tracklist: Credits: Nail is Nottingham-based Neil Tolliday, a producer who spent the last decade creating deep downtempo joy as one half of Bent – their debut album ‘Programmed to Love’ helped ease the world’s ills back in 2000. With love for Nail’s solo … Continue reading


Artists & Title: Romar – HARMONIE EPHEMERE EP Label: RORA Catalogue#: RORA005 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Geneva, Switzerland Tracklist: Credits: RORA is back!! 180g support, strong limited! first come – first served…! Shrink wrap Get your copy!

[Blasè002] Nicholas Desamory – Gold & Diamonds

Artists & Title:  Nicholas Desamory – Gold & Diamonds Label: I’m So Blasé Catalogue#: Blasé002 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: D Tracklist: Credits: I’m So Blasé is the new imprint of Berlin based producers and long term colleagues Hanno Leichtmann and Nicholas Bussmann aka the Vulva String Quartett and Nicholas Desamory. The label is named after our favorite song by … Continue reading

[THEMA035] Ark & Pit Spector – Call of The Horns

Artists & Title:  Ark & Pit Spector – Call of The Horns Label: Thema Records Catalogue#: THEMA035 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: // Tracklist: Credits: He’s been in the game for 15 years now, and throughout Ark has proven he’s not one to spread himself thinly. Leading up to 2010’s Arkuarium on THEMA, he had released a string of collaborations that … Continue reading

[FOFVIN5] Roger Gerressen – Koshima

Artists & Title: Roger Gerressen – Koshima Label: Fear Of Flying Recordings Catalogue#: FOFVIN5 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: UK Tracklist: Credits: Roger Gerressen steps up to the plate for the next release on FOF’s vinyl only imprint – ‘Koshima’ kicks things off with an elongated deep & submerged slice of dubbed out techno while the ante is most definitely upped on … Continue reading

[UNR001] Little Hado – Doar Daca EP

Artists & Title:  Little Hado – Doar Daca EP Label: Unreleased Catalogue#: UNR001 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: // Tracklist: Credits: Only Vinyls – Limited Copies! For their launch Unreleased presents the Romanian talent Little Hado. Delivered with a “Asa imi suna” remix from Alex Jansen on the B-side. Get your copy soon!

[TRM028] Fumiya Tanaka – Unknown Possibilities 3

Artists & Title:  Fumiya Tanaka – Unknown Possibilities 3 Label: Torema Records Catalogue#: TRM028 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: // Tracklist: Credits: A collectable new vinyl has recently been released by Torema Records, the third and last of the series, named after the senses it awakes, and the experiences it produces. So get ready for ‘Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’, the best … Continue reading

[LIZE001] Isherwood – The Situationist EP

Artists & Title:  Isherwood – The Situationist EP Label: Lize Records Catalogue#: LIZE001 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Berlin Tracklist: Credits: This is our first upcoming release. Do you wanna keep up to date about the release date and other stuff regarding our label? Like us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/lizerecords Much love! Get your copy!

[PTX005] Pressure Traxx 005

Pressure Traxx 005 Label: Pressure Trax Catalog#: PTX005 Format: 12″ Vinyl Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: Pressure Traxx 005 Crash Course in Science – Flying Turns A1: Original * A2: Villalobos E=Mac2 Rmx** B1: Frost & Einzelkind Nervous Center Edit*** B2: Villalobos Mac Hawking Rmx** * M. Zodorozny (C) Michael Zodorozny 1982 (P) D.Feliciello, M.Yago, M. Zodorozny 2003 Published by Flagellette … Continue reading