[STON01] VA – White Ribbon EP

sharingtrArtists & Title: Isherwood, Lenta, Shcaa – White Ribbon EP
Label: Sharingtones Records
Catalogue#: STON01
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: London


Full length 26’15
At long last the début release from new London-based vinyl-only label Sharingtones, conceived by a Parisian and a Brusseleer sharing a desire to endorse house music with soul and personality. White Ribbon showcases three tracks, each delivering something unique but all sharing an identity that resonates perfectly with the Sharingtones philosophy. Isherwood’s ‘Wurlitzer & Celeste’ (A1) represents the murkier, more soporific face of the record- heavy and dubby, quarried from somewhere aqueous and humid. Flipping the record lifts you from the abyss into a more jovial plane- Lenta’s ‘Can’t Forget’ (B1) is melodic and soothing, its rhythmic template shaped by fragile clapping tones and deft synthetic insignia, the absence of an obvious kick drum underpinning the track’s clean, subtle ambiance. The smokey strings and piano break in ‘What Goes On’ (B2) by Shcaa keeps things restrained and approachable, yet beneath its congenial surface lies an efficient body-mover, the kick drum re-introduced to maximum effect making this an early hours dancefloor essential. With the pressing limited to only 300 heavyweight copies, complemented by a beautiful sleeve painting by artist Sarah Selander Patrignani, this is an unmissable release that will officially mark the arrival of a boutique London label that will undoubtedly go from strength-to-strength.
Words by Dom Kocur

Get your copy!


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