[#1111#] 320KB – #1111#

1111Artists & Title320KB – #1111#
320KB Music
Catalogue#: [#1111#]
Date: Feb 2013
Format: File, .mp3
Country: Bologna


Don’t fight, don’t steal, don’t be greedy.
Respect all people and their effort.
Be honest and fair on your behavior.
Help keep the footpath clear.
Clean and like to be welcomed.
Spitting and loud swearing are off.
Addiction can be a nightmare.
What’s yours?
Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
Love is for real!

released 12 August 2012
Released by: 3 2 0 K B
Catalogue: [#1111#]
Date: 12082012
Contact: familylovesyou[at]gmail[dot]com
Blog: 320kb.wordpress.com 

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