[AD023] Nail – Bpms Vol.1

Nail – Bpms Vol.1 Label: Airdrop Records Catalog#: AD023 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: NY Released:  2013 Tracklist: A1. Bad Drainage A2. Bulldogz (Extended Mix) A3. Tripped B1. Fucked Off (Extended Mix) B2. OK Coral B3. Blueberry Pill Credits: It came as a great surprise when Nail accepted to press on vinyl the 2011 produced ‘BPMs Vol.1’ he had … Continue reading

[GuaLimited005] Various Artists – Gua Limited 005

Artists & Title: Various Artists – Gua Limited 005 Label: Gua Camole Music Catalogue#: Gua Limited 005 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Düsseldorf Tracklist: Credits: After a stunning artist-release by Alejandro Vivanco, Duesseldorfs Gua Camole Music strikes back with a various artists sampler, Gua Limited 005 celebrates their fifth record with fresh, deep & dubby house music from Pandilla Ltd (Lissabon), … Continue reading

[PMC001] Nasty Boy – It’s Cold To Get Out

Nasty Boy – It’s Cold To Get Out (Incl. Kashawar’s Morning Sun Reshape) Label: Pointillisme Musique Catalog#: PMC001 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: // Released:  2013 Tracklist: A1. Nasty Boy – It’s Cold To Get Out A2. Nasty Boys – Don’t Miss The Vibes B1. Nasty Boys – Don’t Miss The Vibes (Kashawar’s Morning Sun Reshape) Credits: Pointillisme makes its freshman … Continue reading

[EAS002] Massimo Di Lena – Hardlife

Massimo Di Lena – Hardlife Label: Early Sound Recordings Catalog#: EAS002 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: Naples Released:  2013 Tracklist: Credits: The long overdue follow-up of Early Sounds 001! This time a solo project of the talented Massimo Di Lena, delivering four original and hard-rocking analogue house/techno hybrids. Tip! Get your copy!

Xquisite podcast #6 – Umberto 320KB

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Xquisite podcast #6 – Umberto 320KB Profile: Xquisite Records Date: 19 Feb. 2013 Time: 00:56:31 Credits from OnceWasNow: 320KB is an online archive that is ritually updated every day featuring releases, both vinyl & mp3 or mix format that is considered relevant to the musical era in which we are living today. Besides being the force behind … Continue reading


Artists & Title: TOMMY VICARI JNR – Bataafsche Label: Comfortable Records Catalogue#: no Date: Feb 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: Sheffield Tracklist (Listen): TOMMY VICARI JNR – Bataafsche Credits: Immediate download of TOMMY VICARI JNR – Bataafsche in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. from COMF SINGLES / NEW TRAX / DEMO, released … Continue reading

[SLPFNK005] VA – Raw Joints #2

VA – Raw Joints #2 Label: SlapFunk Records Catalog#: SLPFNK005 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: Utrecht Released:  2013 Tracklist: Credits: Will be out on vinyl in March. Digital:??? Get your copy soon!

[APO007] Daze Maxim – Farbfilm EP

Daze Maxim – Farbfilm EP Label: Apollonia Catalog#: APO007 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: // Released:  2013 Tracklist: A1: Farbfilm B1: Farbfilm (Dyed Soundorom rmx) B2: Tableara Credits: The HelloRepeat founder is officially the first new artist to be signed to Apollonia. His release comes on the back of acclaimed EP’s from label founders Shonky and Dan Ghenacia, together with a … Continue reading

[APO005] Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez – Lotus Seven Pt.1

Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez – Lotus Seven Pt.1 Label: Apollonia Catalog#: APO005 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: // Released:  2013 Tracklist: A1: 5000 Watts A2: Disco Remodel B1: Island Breeze B2: Wonki Wonka Credits: Less than a year old, the newly formed label Apollonia presents its debut album releaseInviting you on an imaginary journey in their Lotus Seven, a road … Continue reading

[PLR001] Dubsons – Custom EP

Artists & Title: Dubsons – Custom EP Label: Project London Records Catalog#: PLR001 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: London Released: 2013 Tracklist: Get your copy soon!

Nicolás Lutz at Rex, Paris..

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Nicolás Lutz at Rex, Paris.. Profile: nicolas lutz.. Date: 16 Feb. 2013 Time: 01:11:04

[INST01] Hakim Murphy – Analog schema EP

Artists & Title: Hakim Murphy – Analog schema EP Label: Instruction Records Catalog#: INST01 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: // Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: Instruction is a new label based in Rome. The politicy of label is only vinyl (300 ltd press), we want to expand our concept of underground music and for this reason we start this adventure with HAKIM MURPHY. The … Continue reading

[#1111#] 320KB – #1111#

Artists & Title: 320KB – #1111# Label: 320KB Music Catalogue#: [#1111#] Date: Feb 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: Bologna Tracklist: A. #1111# B. #1111# Credits: Don’t fight, don’t steal, don’t be greedy. Respect all people and their effort. Be honest and fair on your behavior. Help keep the footpath clear. Clean and like to be welcomed. Spitting and loud swearing are off. … Continue reading

[Accidental] Herbert – Complete

Artists & Title: Herbert – Complete Label: Accidental Catalog#: // Format: File, .mp3 Country: London Released: Mar. 2013 Matthew Herbert will release an exhaustive 130-track retrospective of his house-leaning work as Herbert. Entitled Herbert Complete, the release is being billed as a “comprehensive overview” of the material Herbert produced from 1996 and 2006 under his surname. The digital-only release has been divided into five … Continue reading


Artists & Title: Comf Artists –  COMF SINGLES / NEW TRAX / DEMO Label: Comfortable Records Catalogue#: no Date: Feb 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: Sheffield Tracklist (Listen): Viggosson – Untitled Swing Viggosson – Bad Teacher Viggosson – Knee Deep Viggosson – Hard As Abc Viggosson – A Two Viggosson – Live @ The Tempel Viggosson – Slaughter @ 122 Viggosson – … Continue reading

Francesco Del Garda for Kontrast

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Francesco Del Garda for Kontrast Profile: kontrastbelgium Date: 12 Feb. 2013 Time: 01:01:19 Credits: ▼ Mix by Francesco Del Garda for Kontrast ▼ On 16/03/13 he will be playing at Kontrast together w/ Petre Inspirescu, Bruni, Wolters & Bart Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/430001057074887/ Kontrast: www.facebook.com/kontrastbelgium

Coloursmusic.org podcast – Episode 006 w// Roiss

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Coloursmusic.org podcast – Episode 006 w// Roiss Profile: Colours In Music Date: 1 Feb. 2013 Time: 01:05:15 Credits: Series of podcast episodes from Colours Music collective and guests. For more info check www.coloursmusic.org This time we welcome Roiss. The youngest member of Colours In Music collective. Enjoy!

[DER011] Voigtmann – 5000 Shades of Grey

Artists & Title: Voigtmann – 5000 Shades of Grey Label: Do Easy Records Catalogue#: DER011 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Vienna Tracklist: Credits: „Do Easy simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage which is also the quickest and most efficient way. Do Easy is a way of doing. It is a way of … Continue reading

[NEST00] Ivel Tax – Nest00

Artists & Title:  Ivel Tax – Nest00 Label: Disco Birds Catalogue#: NEST00 Date: 2013 Format: File .mp3 Country: Ro Tracklist: 1. Coana Mare 2. Deepza 3. Kapra 4. Scapat Credits: Nest is a new place where music is born. This is the first part, ground zero, with four tracks from Ivel Tax. http://www.facebook.com/discobirds http://www.facebook.com/iveltax released 09 January 2013 Get your copy!

[R2P009] Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen – Lemonade Beach

Artists & Title: Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen – Lemonade Beach Label: Rue de Plaisance Catalogue#: R2P009 Date: Mar. 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Tracklist: Credits: On the last various artists ep, we were seduced by the Dutchmen’s music, It was clear for us to invite them for an exclusive ep. Ivano Tetelepta is no doubt one of the hottest new … Continue reading

[ARCHPL026] Suburbs – Plaesii EP

Artists & Title: Suburbs – Plaesii EP Label: Archipel Catalogue#: ARCHPL026 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Canada Tracklist: Credits: A true adventure of the most immersive sounds. Get your copy soon!

[ODE990] Unknown Artist – ODE

Unknown Artist – ODE Label: ODE Catalog#: ODE990 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: // Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: Mysterious vinyl only label by well known artist. Strong limited, no repress. 2 tracks with over 20 minutes playtime. Only one copy per costumer. Get your copy!

[HCF20] Audio Werner – High

Audio Werner – High Label: Hartchef Discos Catalog#: HCF20 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Colonie, Germany Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: Yeah! not to miss, cause it’s awesome… Starting with “High” Audio Werner´s special mixture of straight jackness combines subtle moods and atmospheres with beats grooving to the point embedded in a quite heartfelt bassfigure. With a dedicated sense of humor “Duvel” … Continue reading

[MOSCOW009] Archie Hamilton & Dan Farserelli – Better Hide EP

Artists & Title: Archie Hamilton & Dan Farserelli – Better Hide EP Label: Moscow Records Catalogue#: MOSCOW009 Date: Feb 2013 Format: File, .mp3 Country: London Tracklist: Credits: For their first release of 2013, Moscow Recordings co-founder Archie Hamilton teams up with fellow London based producer, Dan Farserelli for the ‘Better Hide EP’ First appearing together on esteemed house and techno label Fear … Continue reading

[ALLINN018] Onur Özer – Mormarch

Onur Özer – Mormarch Label: All Inn Records Catalog#: ALLINN018 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ro Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: Vinyl Only, Limited Copies !! Onur Özer is back! After a two years of silence returns on All Inn with his brand new EP, called Mormarch. Unique and pure minimalism, gently modulated atmospheres spiced with repetitive and playful dynamism. Perfect work … Continue reading

[U-MORE001] U-More – 001

U-More – 001 Label: U-More Catalog#: U-MORE001 Format: 12″ Limited Vinyl (280 Copies) Country: // Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: U-More 001 (Vinyl Only) 280 copies Release date: february/march 2013 info: u.more.2013@gmail.com Distributed by Straight distribution Bruckwiesenweg 34 70327 Stuttgart Germany phone: +49 (0) 7 11/33 69 30-55 fax:+49 (0)7 11/33 69 30-9 oli@straight-distribution.com Get your copy soon!

Xquisite Podcast #5 – David Garrine

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Xquisite Podcast #5 – David Garrine Profile: Xquisite Records Date: 25 Jan. 2013 Time: 01:50:35

[4LUX013-02] Enrico Mantini – Private Collection

Enrico Mantini – Private Collection Label: 4Lux Catalog#: 4LUX013-02 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ita Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: 4lux is proud to serve you the sounds of Italian deep house pioneer Enrico Mantini. This twelve cleverly combines two of Mantini’s most sought-after classics together with two brand new offerings. All trax come in the old school deep house vibe. I’ll … Continue reading