[MOSCOW008] Little Hado – Untitled EP

Artists & Title: Little Hado – Untitled EP
Moscow Records
Dec. 2012
File, mp3

Little Hado – Untitled
Little Hado – Untitled

Next up on Archie Hamilton and Alex Harris’ moscow records, Romanian DJ/Producer Little Hado drops the ‘Untitled’ EP.
An artist with a passion for sonic quality, Little Hado has built up his production prowess over the past few years with releases on SoundCrossing and Tzinah Records, many of which received notable praise from his fellow countrymen, Rarseh, Pedro and Rhadoo as well as some of his key influences, Zip, Margaret Dygas and a certain Ricardo Villalobos.
For his debut outing on the fledgling London imprint Hado drops two original cuts of of minimalesque deep house. Kicking off the EP ‘Untitled A’ explores an after-hours house aesthetic comprising of deep well placed percussion, sine bass and vox snippets that ebb and flow throughout with swing laced hats injecting energy into the groove.
On the flip ‘Untitled B’ is a percussive 9 minute work out that trips and tumbles throughout its course making for an infectiously wonky tool that will slot well into any discerning DJ set.Moscow Records deliver another well-crafted release from a rising minimal maestro, ‘Untitled’ EP is out late 2012.
Written & Produced by Toflan Marius
Mastering by Chris @ Wired Masters, London http://www.wiredmasters.co.uk/
Distribution by Prime Direct Distribution, London http://www.primedirectdist.co.uk/
Logo concept and design by Roma Levin www.romalevin.com
Additional Artwork by Oli Longmore http://mn2s.com/
(P) & (C) moscow records Ltd. 2012

moscow records

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