[WTM031] Masomenos – Tofidi EP

Masomenos – Tofidi EP Label: Welcome To Masomenos Catalog#: WTM031 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Released: 11 Sept 2012 Tracklist: A1. St Jacut, with Lemos feat Jaw (Dop) A2. Go On My Son, with Lemos B1. Tomorrow, with Jaw (Dop) B2. Tofidi, with Lemos Credits: Permanently Being Busy Performing, The So Funky Duo Masomenos Nevertheless Take Their Time To Produce. Such As The Artwork Basically … Continue reading

[NSYDE004] Samuel André Madsen – Moodsy EP

Samuel André Madsen – Moodsy EP Label: Nsyde Music Catalog#: NSYDE004 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Berlin Released: Sept 2012 Tracklist: A. Northwest Cave B1. Moodsy B2. Northwest Cave (Achterbahn D´Amour Remix) Credits: streetdate: september 2012 Get your copy!

[ALLINN015] G.Verrina & G.Ventura – Suckerfish EP

G.Verrina & G.Ventura – Suckerfish EP Label: All Inn Records Catalog#: ALLINN015 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Romania Released: 29 Aug 2012 Tracklist: Credits: Verrina and Ventura delivers the 15th piece of All Inn releases – filled by smooth, psychedelic textures and tasty tribals. Beside of the three original tracks Cristi Cons represents his beautifully composed minimalistic reinterpretation of “Suckerfish”. Quality … Continue reading

[CSR001] Vinyl Speed Adjust – Passing Waves EP

Vinyl Speed Adjust – Passing Waves EP Catalog#: CSR001 Label: Crystal Structures Records Format: 12″ Vinyl Released: 30 Aug 2012 Tracklist: Credits: We start off our string of releases with a flash back to the groovey days of Chi-town, breakin’ it up and layin’ it down like it is. And to boot, we got Sushitech regular Anonym to back … Continue reading

[SPC01] Myles Serge – Nightwerks

Myles Serge – Nightwerks Catalog#: SPC01 Label: Space Format: 12″ Vinyl, Limited Released: 7 Jul 2012 Tracklist: Credits: Having made a more sizable leap to vinyl releases in the last couple of years, Myles Serge is spreading his wings from his 6one6 and Re(Form) labels to share his unique take on reduced techno. This release gets headed up by … Continue reading


MARKUS SUCKUT/MARCELUS – 10 inch01 Catalog#: [REPITCH1001] Label: Repitch Format: 12″ Vinyl Released: 23 Aug 2012 Tracklist: A. Marcelus – Warhead B. Markus Suckut – Broken Credits: Repitch is pleased to present the new 10inch series. For the first time well release original tracks from new artists so it wont be stuff from D.Carbone, Ascion and Shapednoise. These artists featured on … Continue reading

[CAB31.1] Various Artists – Cabinet Classics Part Two (Vinyl Two)

[CAB31.1] Various Artists – Cabinet Classics Part Two (Vinyl Two) Label: Cabinet Records Format: 12″ Vinyl Released: Sep 2012 Tracklist: A1. Honeydrop – Drop 2 A2. Daniel Paul – Cleveland: The News B1. Slope – Runnin (Cab Edit) B2. Daniel Paul – Yupp Yupp Credits: Vinyl 2 from CABINET CLASSICS PART TWO! An Amazing Collection of Cabinet Records Rare Classics Get … Continue reading

[CAB31.1] Various Artists – Cabinet Classics Part Two (Vinyl One)

[CAB31.1] Various Artists – Cabinet Classics Part Two (Vinyl One) Label: Cabinet Records Format: 12″ Vinyl Released: Sep 2012 Tracklist: A1. Daniel Paul – Coming Back For More ft. Colin Corvez (Warten Borgmann Version) A2. Borgman – Jazzfade B1. Cab Drivers – Affect B2. Dj Honesty – Kareen Credits: Vinyl 1 from CABINET CLASSICS PART TWO! An Amazing Collection of … Continue reading

[HINF8673] Joy Orbison – Ellipsis

[HINF8673] Joy Orbison – Ellipsis Label: Hinge Finger Catalog#: HINF8673 Format: 12″ Vinyl, Limited Country: // Released: May 2012 Tracklist: Credits: Ultra limited! incl Head High Remix (Head High = SHED) Get your copy!  


Platform: Soundcloud Title: pastel6 Profile: bonjour Date: 7 August 2012 Time: 56:54

Rawmantic @ Whp 4/2012

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Rawmantic @ Whp 4/2012 Profile: Alessio Procaccini Date: April 2012 Time: 1:55:29

Dan Andrei, Ibiza Global Radio 8th August 2012

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Dan Andrei, Ibiza Global Radio 8th August 2012 Profile: nightclubber.ro Date: 8 August 2012 Time: 58:13

PasQ, Nightclubber Sideways 003

Platform: Soundcloud Title: PasQ, Nightclubber Sideways 003 Profile: nightclubber.ro Date: 14 August 2012 Time: 1:00:02

Rejam Podcast – 002 – Diogo Lacerda

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Rejam Podcast – 002 – Diogo Lacerda Profile: Rejam Radio Show Date: 9 August 2012 Time: 3:08:04 Credits: The 2nd episode in the Rejam series, 002 is mixed by Diogo Lacerda. This is a recording taken from a gig he did a short while a go. Enjoy :) Check out Diogos sounds: https://www.facebook.com/D.I.E.MFanPage To subscribe to Rejam monthly … Continue reading

Pluie/Noir Podcast 013 – “Mindspin Repetition” by Pheek

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Pluie/Noir Podcast 013 – “Mindspin Repetition” by Pheek Profile: Pluie/Noir Date: 4 August 2012 Time: 1:01:21 Pluie/Noir Podcast 013 “Mindspin Repetition” Sound by Pheek. Visual Interpretation by Nicolai Sarbib. Video by Max Binski. Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one … Continue reading

Cabanne @ Concrete, Paris, 22 07 12

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Cabanne @ Concrete, Paris, 22 07 12 Profile: ConcreteSouls Date: 22 July 2012 Time: 1:51:42

SNUFF CREW: Live at Berghain / 04.08.2012

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Live at Berghain / 04.08.2012 Profile: snuffcrew Date: 4 August 2012 Time: 1:07:46 Credits: Back in Berghain! What a great party, what a great crowd! What a high temperature! And here is our set from the early morning, enjoy, download and spread!

CUT Fraisheur#5

Platform: Soundcloud Title: CUT Fraisheur#5 Profile: fraisheur Date: 3 August 2012 Time: 1:57:32

Udopiya: Sundae & Katapult party #1 – Ricardo Villalobos & friends

Event Line up : Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Daniel Bell, Baby Ford, Cabanne, Alex & Laetitia Katapult, Céline, Roman Azzaro, Vadim Svoboda Music : Hisham – Free & Cheap Title :  Sundae & Katapult party #1 – Ricardo Villalobos & friends

Ion Ludwig, Nightclubber Podcast 66

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Ion Ludwig, Nightclubber Podcast 66 Profile: nightclubber.ro Date: 6 August 2012 Time: 1:00:51

Raresh & Praslea @ Ibiza Sonica Radio 18 July 2012

Platform: Soundcloud Title: Raresh & Praslea @ Ibiza Sonica Radio 18 July 2012 Profile: nightclubber.ro Date: 18 July 2012 Time: 00:42:06 Credits: Raresh & Praslea were invited today to play a set in the studio of Ibiza Sonica Radio before their duo performance as Praslesh at Next Wave’s event from today. This is new  and it’s surely expected by their fans.

YAY Podcast #003 mynameisduke

Platform: Soundcloud Title: YAY Podcast #003 mynameisduke Profile: yayevent Date: 3 August 2012 Time: 1:02:21

[COSMO005] Mambotur – Elemental Remixes Ep 1

Mambotur – Elemental Remixes Ep 1 Label: Cosmo Records Catalog#: COSMO005 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Morocco Released: Aug 2012 Tracklist: A1. Planes (Ricardo Villalobos Mix) B1. Planes (Masomenos Mix) B2. Planes (Original Mix) Credits: It s been a while we ve been hearing from Argenis Brito and Pier Bucci, teaming up as MAMBOTUR. The originals features a nice fusion of classic south american … Continue reading

[REKIDS06] DAP – Brush Your Lips

DAP – Brush Your Lips Label: Rekids Catalog#: REKIDS066 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: London Released: Aug 2012 Tracklist: A. Brush Your Lips B. Little Deeper Credits: DAP, also known as Daniel Poli, Andrea Mazzini and Philippos Nikiforakis, mans the controls for this impressive tech house EP, > Brush Your Lips< – two cuts of irresistibly groovy, no-nonsense, stripped back house, featuring Lance De … Continue reading

320KB MIXES [001-010]

Thanks to: Alessandro Gaia, Dan Andrei, Diogo Lacerda, Francesco Del Garda, Lumieux, Miss I, MND, Moare, Niff, Roy Koch Officially release tomorrow:

320KB #010

Once a month. One hour mix by djs around the world.


Conrad SCHNITZLER / ANDREAS REIHSE – Con Struct Label: M=Minimal Catalog#: MM014LP Format: Vinyl, LP Country: Germany Released: Aug 2012 Tracklist: Buy

[13-diam] Morphology – Landform

Morphology – Landform Label: Diametric Catalog#: 13-diam Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Glasgow Released: Aug 2012 Tracklist: a1 moebius strip a2 landform b1 herschel crater b2 phosphates Credits: Diametric. is pleased to announce the return of Morphology with a release of four new deep electro/techno tracks. Being praised as one of the finest electro acts in recent years, this new 12” … Continue reading

[RORA002] MP – Trei Locuri EP

MP – Trei Locuri EP Label: RORA Catalog#: RORA002 Format: 12″ Limited Vinyl Country: Switzerland Released: Aug 2012 Tracklist: A1. MP – Cecep B1. MP – Darc B2. MP – Unees Credits: RORA is back! More than 35 min playtime. Strictly limited vinly-only release, make sure you get your hands on this! Drop the needle on the record and enjoy MP’s musical … Continue reading

[MONOCLI47] Alexx Wolfe – The Shadow Walks (Cleymoore Remix)

Alexx Wolfe – The Shadow Walks (Cleymoore Remix) Label: Monocline Records Catalog#: MONOCLI47 Format: File, .mp3 .wav Released: 31 july 2012 Listen

[PTX001] Einzelkind / Frost – Quick Change/WHTNY

EINZELKIND / FROST – Quick Change/WHTNY Label: Pressure Trax Catalog#: PTX001 Format: 10″ Vinyl Released: 1st August 2012 Tracklist: Credits: 10″ marbled transparent limited vinyls Buy