[TZH026] Little Hado – Bourelma EP

Little Hado – Bourelma EP
File, .mp3 .wav
Released: July 2012


After we released our third VA where we presented old and new artists it’s time now to reveal our new family member Little Hado. He signs ‘Bourelma EP’ after having his first vinyl out at Pleasure Zone Records and new releases at SoundCrossing and Derivat Records. For completing this ep we hocked up our family friend Faster and from Paris our new remixer Psykoloco.
Little Hado brings the romanian soul into our collection. ‘Bour’ has a really nice groove and a playfull set of drums and percussions will catch you from the begining till the end. It’s a must to be played and listened on a big sound system for the rhythm to flow as it should. Also in ‘Elma’ all the action starts with a massive bass. It’s a fight between some shakers and a pair of drums ready to explode. Watch out! All the snares from ‘Bour’ are played nice by Faster in his remix. It seems like he had a big and interesting journey with the percussions creating a street atmosphere which reminds us Bucharest underground. Pskyoloco on the other side, sees in ‘Elma’ an very interesting groove that grows more and more ‘till the best part the story starts. French flavor of course, we are drown to the vibe and we love it!
Faster is having some nice releases for labels like Bloop Recordings, Broquade and Draft and with this remix he remains in our top artists. And with Psykoloco active at Cadenza, Limonada Rec and Anhura Records it just makes this EP having all the love ingredients that it needs. We love Little Hado’s style as well and ‘Bourelma EP’ is a lovely step forward in our thoughts for romanian artists.



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