[ES023] Miruga – Human Tube EP

 Miruga – Human Tube EP
 Ethereal Sound
Catalog#: [ES023]
Format: 10″ Vinyl
Country: Russia
Re leased: 30 June 2012

Human Tube

This Side Of Sunshine

Yoshiki Tsuchiya aka Miruga offering 2 deep numbers. Put the needle on the record when the song beats go like this.

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Miruga: Soundcloud

[HELLO020] OTHERS – Dope Me

OTHERS aka Bruno Pronsato and Daze Maxim – Dope Me 

Label: Hello?Repeat
Catalog#: [HELLO020]
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 25 June 2012

A. Dope Me

 Does Caroline Know

Dope Me / Does Caroline Know? is a slightly clubbier affair-less Sun Ra and more Soul Capsule-but still possesses the air of strangeness that makes the duo so unique. Each artist leaves his mark within the first few measure of Dope Me. The steady high-hats and flawless kick drum are straight out of Dazes playbook, while the nervous piano and 3 Chairs-style claps are unmistakably Bruno. As for the slurred vocal pleading >Dope me..dope me<, thats anyones guess. The track carries on for a solid nine minutes as half-melodies and quasi-hooks slide in and out of the mix. The B-side, Does Caroline Know?, takes us deeper and darker. The drums are plodding, the mood is ominous, and a series of dreamlike flourishes add to an already eerie groove. Like the A-side, its a surrealistic style of house that only these two could deliver. The artwork, as usual, is done by Daze Maxim.

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[AMP003] Sit – Morfoza EP

Sit – Morfoza EP
Label: Amphia
Catalog#: AMP003
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 3 July 2012


A. Channeling

B. Ex

1 copy per customer/ “Only Orders” Of This Record are not accepted!!1 Kopie pro Kunde / “Nur Bestellungen” von der Platte werden nicht akzeptiert!!
After two solo EP’s on their Amphia imprint, Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons morph their forces into a sonic masterpiece. Still keeping their sound minimal the SIT duo deliver a two track gem. The orchestral sounds in Channelling keep the atmosphere light, housy and very danceble yet. On the other side the haunted synths and percussion in Ex seem to lead you through a tunnel, most likely a techno one. Morphoza is pressed in 500 copies.

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Developments Ringmat stems from over ten years experience and passion of John Rogers in the field of high fidelity, Ringmat philosophy is centered on developing a system to optimize the sound and the lowest spending. From there, cables and accessories that are born radically improve the sound, born of years of tests and experiments on materials and represent the best possible response to the challenge of Quality for Price.

Each component, which may apparently seem simple, it is extensively studied and tested at length in order to fulfill the function to best optimize the sound.

The CDI BLUE is a healing sound system designed specifically for the CD.

Have you ever noticed that compared to analog, the CD, even though silence best, loses in naturalness and musicality. Never noticed that on many CD sound is audibly electrical and often tiring in the long run?

This usually occurs because the CD plays, for certain parameters, in digital sound, making the model does not perfectly natural, and your ear notices it. With the CDI Blue will not be anything more: your CD, even if economic, will significantly improve all parameters and listening will be more natural and much less tiring.

It’s hard to explain because it improves the sound, it quickly becomes more consistent, natural, less artificial, the effect is obvious and clearly audible from the first notes, you will be deeply surprised. The hot tip to the holders of good readers.

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320KB #008

320KB #008
Artista: DIOGO LACERDA (Pluie/Noir)
Data: 26-06-2012
Durata: 1:09:53
MB: 159.90
Download: Here

=       =======    ======        ======  =====  =====
=  ====  =======  =======  ============   ===   =====
=  ====  =======  =======  ============  =   =  =====
=  ====  =======  =======  ============  == ==  =====
=  ====  =======  =======      ========  =====  =====
=  ====  =======  =======  ============  =====  =====
=  ====  =======  =======  ============  =====  =====
=  ====  ==  ===  ===  ==  ========  ==  =====  ==  =
=       ===  ==    ==  ==        ==  ==  =====  ==  =

[GILE003] Vlad Caia – Connection EP

Vlad Caia – Connection EP

Label: Gilesku Records
Catalog#: GILE003
Format: 12″ Vinyl (Limited 300 Copies)
Country: Slovenia
Released: June 2012


Acid Land

Lost Quintet

Gilesku records is really proud to announce new upcoming limited vinyl only release with young talented and promising artist Vlad Caia. His Connections EP will again be released in 300 limited copies only. We sure are very happy to welcome him in the family!!!

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20′ Mix #7 (Anonym Series)

Anonym Series are provocative actions to shed light into the darkest crevices of the big world of music.
The series born with 20′ Mix from around the world.
Musicians, djs, collectors and fanatics will select some shit for your ears.
Here the seventh release; listen, download,share and enjoy (contact 320KB for your cassette!)

Interview with “Yapacc” (Narcotic Syntax)

(Perlon, Wir)

Web: narcoticsyntax.com
Discogs: Narcotic Syntax
Resident Advisor: Narcotic Syntax

What do you think are the most influential elements of your music experience?
Cant remember, grew up in a musical family, in the age of seven, I started to repeat piano cluster and  melodies again and again. So it seems my psychological structure is responsible. Later on i discovered all kinds of music with a strong focus on electronic music, i grew up in the 70/80 years!
Some names are Ashra, Tangerine Dream, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Steve Reich, Mike Oldfield, Genesis, Jimi Hendrix, Weather Report…

What’ s your opinion regarding the difference between analogic and digital support?
Easy answer: everything is a tool and we are able to use it to our pleasure!
Producing music became possible for everybody, so young musicians cant imagine what it means to save money for over a year for a small drum machine or synth. I grew up with relations to instruments, good or shitty ones, so maybe i concipate since years own analogue devices with Manfred Fricke (MFB) in berlin.
In my own studio i combine both worlds, (old) instruments (sur)faces with logical control at the computer using cubase daw as main program. I also like additional hardware like compressors, preamps, amps, fx tools.

How do you see the music and artist evolving into the Future?
Today we have democratising of music. The barrier  into music production is very low. The need of commercial satisfaction/success  is overall.
Productions quality seems better, but know how and ideas are low engaged.
I see the reissue of handmade, well concipated music, cause of people get bored by copies of something were done much better before. So people always build an underground, when commercial or political restrictions are present.

Are you bringing new experiences to the crowd?
Yes, I am always (ex)changing concepts or checking out new tunez. As well i like to collaborate with musicians i like. By the way: i dont think there is a “crowd” rather an audience or just (party)people

When do you feel satisfied in your job? What are the main ingredients to achieve that?
hehe, is not a job, dude, is passion. I feel satisfied i n case all around me is ok music is a energy eater, you are in your own, sometimes you feel like a child, sometimes you re in a bad mood and getting on your own nerves.
Satisfaction is to collaborate with partners beeing professional, passionated und respectful.

What do you consider to be the best location you have experienced?
There are many clubs are serving superb sound and philosophy. As well there are shitty clubs with superb atmosphere cause of funny party people. Therefore you cant exspect an adequate answer from me.

What means 2012 for the Narcotic Syntax?
We wanna release and finish our productions we started up to 7 years before. One rms is waiting since a while to be released. Beside that we have some live gigs in mind very soon. We will perform with analog stuff, drummachines, sequencer, synths and an ipad for some samples.

[U_STRETCH03] Albert Schwartz – Berry Deep / Drop

Albert Schwartz – Berry Deep / Drop
Label: Ultrastretch
Catalog#: U_STRETCH03
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Ger
Released: 30 June 2012

Berry Deep


Berry Deep (Restyled by Rhadoo)

Following EPs from Matthew Burton and Seuil, the third release on Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch label introduces one of Berlin’s most intriguing outsiders: Albert Schwartz. A native of Ghana now based in Germany, Schwartz has been DJing and making tracks for years, but aside from a few gigs with Sammy at Club der Visionäre, has mostly been kept secret until now. With Berry Deep / Drop, he shows a modern and organic style of house that makes him a perfect fit for the Berlin-based label.
   “Berry Deep” is true to its name: subtle, plodding and atmospheric, driven by an elliptical vocal bit. Much like Ultrastretch’s past releases (or old Perlon records for that matter), it’s the tiny, meticulous details that breath life into this one, like the bubbling major chords competing with the mournful strings, or the ghostly, almost imperceptible Marvin Gaye samples (“Hey brother! What’s happenin….”). “Drop” brings the energy up a notch without losing its subtle touch. The drums are punchier and have a bit more momentum, but the tone is still somehow hushed. This time Marvin takes center stage, with lines from “Inner City Blues” strewn across the track.
   The EP’s remix comes from Rhadoo, a core member of Romania’s a:rpia:r crew (along with Raresh and Petre Inspirescu) and a past guest at Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch parties at Club der Visionäre. His microhouse “restyle” of “Berry Deep” gives the original a trippy edge, plus a bit more club-friendly oomph.


[JAX004] Frost – Drop

Frost – Drop
Label: Jax Records
Catalog#: JAX004
Format: 12″ Vinyl (limited 500 copies)
Country: Frankfurt
Released: 15 June 2012

A1: Da Drop Suri Rhadoo Edit – 14:32 

Drop Original – 08:30

Drop Dry Tool – 06:50

JAX is a collective of like-minded artists, musicians, thinkers movers and booty-shakers, who believe there is more to records than just some grooves engraved into black plastic. Their vision is to treat each release as a presentation in itself, complete with original and individual artwork, features and an exhibition. Each production will feature artwork shown in a cube of about 8 cubic meters. Every record-released will be strictly-limited to 500 copies, which includes a poster refe- rencing the piece made by the artist.