[WAX30303] – No. 30303

WAX – No. 30303

Label: Wax
Catalog#: wax30303
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germania
Released: 16 Mar 2012

A: Untitled (Hey Ø Hansen Mix)

 Untitled (Shd Ø San Mix)

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[UNTERTON01] Tobias – Leaning Over Backwards Remixes EP

Tobias – Leaning Over Backwards Remixes

Label: Ostgut Ton – Unterton 01
Catalog#: Unterton01
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germania
Released: 30 Mar 2012

A: “Leaning Over Backwards” (Efdemin remix)

B: “Girts” (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer remix)

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320KB #006

Data: 23-03-2012
Durata: 1:02:21
MB: 149.7
Crediti: Registrato durante WeLoveInternational @ Cassero (Bo)
Download: Here

===========       ======  =====  =======  ===========
===========  ====  ====    ====   ======  ===========
===========  ====  ===  ==  ===    =====  ===========
===========  ====  ==  ====  ==  ==  ===  ===========
=        ==  ====  ==  ====  ==  ===  ==  ==        =
===========  ====  ==        ==  ====  =  ===========
===========  ====  ==  ====  ==  =====    ===========
===========  ====  ==  ====  ==  ======   ===========
===========       ===  ====  ==  =======  ===========
====  =====  =======  ==       ===       ===        ==    =
===    ====   ======  ==  ====  ==  ====  ==  =========  ==
==  ==  ===    =====  ==  ====  ==  ====  ==  =========  ==
=  ====  ==  ==  ===  ==  ====  ==  ===   ==  =========  ==
=  ====  ==  ===  ==  ==  ====  ==      ====      =====  ==
=        ==  ====  =  ==  ====  ==  ====  ==  =========  ==
=  ====  ==  =====    ==  ====  ==  ====  ==  =========  ==
=  ====  ==  ======   ==  ====  ==  ====  ==  =========  ==
=  ====  ==  =======  ==       ===  ====  ==        ==    =


[WTM030] Masomenos, Cabanne, Ark & Laetitia – Oh La La!

Masomenos & Ark & Cabanne & Laetitia Katapult – Oh La La!

Label: Welcome To Masomenos
Catalog#: WTM030
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: France
Released: 20 Feb 2012

A1: Masomenos & Ark & Cabanne – Oh La La !

A2: Masomenos & Ark & Cabanne – Le Fruit Des Fondues

B1: Masomenos & Laetitia Katapult – Gay Tôt

B2: Masomenos & Ark & Cabanne – Bronze Septembre

Mastered By [Cut] – MB

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Nuovo Brand, neonato ma che porta gia’ con sè dalla data di nascita uno scheletro molto importante e una vena artistica niente male.

Per il primo appuntamento di WE LOVE INTERNATIONAL si alterneranno in consolle DAN ANDREI, giovane astro nascente rumeno proveniente della ormai nota famiglia a:rpia:r di Raresh e compagni, ora gia’ pronto ad infiammare molti club europei ed insieme a lui un degno compagno di merende: ALEX PICONE direttamente dalla Cadenza, etichetta a noi cara, amico e grande talento internazionale ormai quasi piu’ Berlinese che Padovano.
Insieme ai due ospiti ci saranno i nostri portabandiera Francesco del Garda (.. avvistato piu’ volte nei peggiori bar di Bucharest) e We Love Family, gruppo di casa, Bolognese Doc che aprira’ una delle feste piu’ importanti dell’anno.

Interview with “Chinese Man” (Chinese Man Records)

Ecco finalmente una nuova intervista con i fiocchi, 320KB mette sotto i riflettori un gruppo francese che da qualche anno si stà facendo sentire in giro per tutto il mondo.
In attività con Chinese Man Records dal 2005, ci propongono tre album veramente interessanti: The Groove Session Vol.1 (2004-2007), The Groove Session Vol. 2 e Racing With The Sun.


– What do you think are the most influential elements of your music experience?
First of all it’s music itself! We listen to a lot of music, we like to see gigs, a lot of our friends are in the music industry and music is a very big part of our life! Besides that, arts in general are a source of inspiration, cinema mainly…
We’re not a political or protest band but as citizens we’re of course very sensible of what happens in Europe and in the world. We try to talk about it in our way in our music (using movie or speech samples, through our song titles or in the way we manage our label as a 100% independent project). All these elements are influential and important in our music experience.

– What’ s your opinion regarding the difference between analogic and digital support?
We’re big fans of vinyl! The sound is great, it’s a very adaptable support for sampling and even the record is important to us as an object …
But we’re using digital files for our live sets and our albums are available on digital. We can’t deny that digital is really an important part of music nowadays, people are using mp3 a lot and it’s easy to make your music available all around the world through the net… But the 2 supports are not incompatible, it’s just a different way to listen and share music. For us, they can co-exist without problem.

– How do you see the music and artist evolving into the Future? Are you bringing new experiences to the crowd?
We’re in the middle of a transitional period for music (artistically and in terms of business), so it’s difficult to see how it will evolve… But we don’t see a future for music with repressive laws against free downloading, closing websites or increasing the music price (records, concert tickets…).
For the artists, I guess live performance is now a very important part of their life. That’s why we try to present a little bit more than a “simple” live performance by, for instance, displaying videos (which is a big part of our concerts), always playing with different guests (MCs or musicians) and trying to offer a different live set in each venue we visit (the track-list changes and we play the tracks differently every night). This is LIVE! Maybe it’s a good way to evolve: to pay a special attention to the “live” aspect of the music.

– When do you feel satisfied in your job? What are the main ingredients to achieve that?
Honestly we’re pretty perfectionists so the only way for us to be satisfied with our job is to work a lot (poor musicians, lol) in order to reach our expectations. At the same time we have a quite precise vision of what is good or not for our music… For example, when we compose a song the 3 of us have to be sure and agree on each sound, melody and structure. When we reach this agreement, it means we are in the good direction and we can be sure we’ll be satisfied with the track at the end.

– What do you consider to be the best location you have experienced?
We’re lucky to travel quite often and perform in a lot of sick and different places so it’s hard to choose! But our experience in Indonesia was awesome, with a very nice and interested audience. Sakifo festival in La Réunion was also a very special gig to us.  And Brazil… It’s a country we loved to play in…

– We can see you are going to play in Bucharest in the middle of March. Is it your first time in Romania? We are curious because our musical taste has recognized in Romania a very positive and enriching environment for contemporary music.
Yes, it’ll be our first time in Romania. Unfortunately, we don’t know the music scene over there yet… It will be a discovery for us but we’re sure Romania is great! We don’t have many connections with local artists but we’re in contact with East Roots (a Romanian reggae band). We plan to meet them in Bucharest to talk about music and drink some beers. ;)

– What means 2012 for the Chinese Man?
It means travelling! We’ve been  to Germany, Colombia and Brazil in January and February.  We are also planning a tour in Asia for June (Hong Kong, Jakarta and Manila.) and maybe USA at the end of 2012.
Travels are an important part of our project: it allows us to meet artists from different cultures and to feed our music with new sounds and rhythms. We’ve met most of the people with whom we collaborated with during our several trips. Big up to you, you know who you are guys!
So 2012 is gonna be nice for us! Let’s hope everything continues this way in the next years!



[PERL90] Mara Trax – Sensibilia EP

MaraTrax – Sensibilia EP
Label: Perlon
Catalog#: PERL90
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germany
Released: Feb 2012

A: Words Of Love

B: Murphy’s Laugh

Writen-by, Producer – Maayan Nidam, Vera Heindel
Distributed – Wordandsound

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